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BillyCarpenter1 08-25-2003 07:48 AM

The Sky is Falling
I've read all the posts about how bad this defense is going to be. I've read all the posts about how bad of a coach Venturi is. I've read all the posts about how bad our record is going to be this year. I've read all the posts about how our offense is going to struggle this year.

Now let's look at what all you people have to support your gloom and doom stuff with:

-----------------------------------> PRESEASON GAMES<-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

That's all you got. Three preseason games. If you break down the amount of time the starting defense has been on the field it might add up to 4 whole quarters and at no time have all the starters been on the field at the same time!!

This might be the worst defense to ever step on an NFL field, and to hear some, that's exactly what we have.

You've got your mind made up before they ever play their first game, based off what? That's right- 3 preseason games.

Beleive me when I tell you that I have concerns just like you, and anyone that doesn't is crazy. But having concerns and preaching the sky is falling are two different things.

While all you "chicken littles" are running around telling everyone the sky is falling. I ain't buying it just yet.

BigBull45 08-25-2003 08:05 AM

The Sky is Falling
Good boy Billy,that\'s what I\'m talkin bout ! I\'m gonna stay behind them boys regardless what these panick proned pessimist think ! They\'ll be changin their tune come mid season !

jared21 08-25-2003 09:09 AM

The Sky is Falling least some ppl aren\'t jumping ship before the freakin season begins.(billy) I bet if the saints won all 3 preseason games yall would be saying the saints are gonna go 16-0 give me a break with all this crap about how terrible the saints defense is yes i agree they haven\'t looked good ..but at least wait till the reagular season starts to jump ship!!

FWtex 08-25-2003 09:25 AM

The Sky is Falling
Your so-called \"Gloom and doom\" surfaces because I and probably many others have ZERO confidence in this coaching staff to get this team to perform as it should. The team underacheived last year and they are showing no signs of changing that this year.

Do you think this team will win more games they are suppose to lose this year OR will they lose more games than they are suppose to WIN? I see the later scenario as most likely.

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saintz08 08-25-2003 11:07 AM

The Sky is Falling
Looks like Pro Football Weekly might think the sky is falling too.

New Orleans

The Saints had seen this act before. New Orleans blew up in its first preseason game, getting ripped early before bouncing back late in a 27-17 loss to Philadelphia. Head coach Jim Haslett did his best to quell fears that the Saints had not improved on the defensive side of the ball during the offseason, pointing out that 17 players missed the game due to injury or to give younger players a chance to perform, but insiders say it isn’t that simple. The Saints’ “D� is faster this year, and additions to the secondary are supposed to cut down the number of big plays allowed, but we’re told that it doesn’t look like the defense is going to come together for quite some time. Sources say all the new faces on defense — including seven new starters — have come along slowly and will be better from midseason on. The problem, of course, is that in the tough NFC South, the Saints really can’t afford to take half a season to get in sync.

BillyCarpenter1 08-25-2003 01:12 PM

The Sky is Falling
Like I said- All of you are writing the defense off this year when you\'ve only seen them play for about 5 quarters and all the regular starters have not been on the field at the same time yet.

You really have nothing else to base your \" gloom & doom\" theory on.

There is a conspriacy going on here, but it ain\'t from the coaching staff- it\'s from some of the fans, and here it is:

Most of you have already made your mind up about the coaching staff and the QB long before this season ever got here. You\'re convinced that they couldn\'t get to the playoffs if they were coaching some of the great dynasty teams, like the 49\'ers in their superbowl years.

Y\'all are like a bunch of rabid dogs-waiting to attack-at the first sign of trouble. The hate has you blinded. It has blinded you so bad that preseason games and performances are the standard by which you live by.

You can\'t wait for Aaron Brooks to flop. You are completely convinced it\'s gonna happen. You guys have scanned the internet for articles that side with your opinoion and it just adds fuel to the fire.

But I ain\'t buying what ya selling. I\'ve been watching preseason too long to be fooled. Sure your theory may come true. Anything\'s possible, but I\'ll stick to waiting for the real games to be played before I convince myself--

In the famous words of Jim Mora- \" You don\'t know nothing. You think you do, but you don\'t and you never will\"

saintz08 08-25-2003 01:42 PM

The Sky is Falling
All we know is the history ........

Last 2 seasons Haslett has flopped .......

For those who say otherwise : In the famous words of Jim Mora- \" You don\'t know nothing. You think you do, but you don\'t and you never will\"

To quote Haslett on the current team :\"We haven\'t stopped the pass in three games. We\'ve got to get coaches and players working on it. I don\'t know why we\'re not doing it.\"

Inspiring words from the Head Coach ..........

BillyCarpenter1 08-25-2003 01:54 PM

The Sky is Falling
To learn from history-You must know all of it-and quit letting the hate blind ya!!

Haz took over a team that went 3-13 and went to the playoffs and the Saints won their first playoff game ever!! Now, I know you haters don\'t want to hear that, but I speak the truth. Quit telling half the story and be like Paul Harvery and telll us \"The Rest of the Story.\"

Haz has a better record than Mike Holmgren since he\'s been with Seattle. Contrary to belief, Haslett has been rebuliding this team. Rome wasn\'t built in a day. Has he been perfect? No. Should we be tossing in the towel? No!!

We gonna be pretty damn good this year. I\'m beging ya!! Stop the madness. Hate will eat you up inside. The truth shall set you free.

lumm0x 08-25-2003 01:58 PM

The Sky is Falling
Billy, you\'re not worried when your head coach openly states we are stinking defensively and we don\'t know why?

I don\'t all....about our preseason record. I care that we are not practicing what we plan on playing, I care that we can\'t execute football basics on defense, I care that the coach says he can\'t explain why the players and coordinators can\'t get it together.

What would worry you?

By the way, our offense has at least moved the ball, Brooks has nice stats, Deuce has ran well, etc... our defense is stinking.

BillyCarpenter1 08-25-2003 02:06 PM

The Sky is Falling

You bet, I\'m worried. You would have to be a damn fool not to be worried. Am I ready to say the defense is going to play like that when the season get\'s here? No!! This ain\'t the first time I\'ve seen an offense or defense play terrible in the preseason-only to have them be damn good when the first real game rolls around.

Like I said-It\'s nothing wrong with being worried about how our defense is going to play but to write them off like a lot of people are is premature and foolish.

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