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WhoDat 08-25-2003 08:15 PM

Who wants to step up?!
There will be one good thing this football season - I'm gonna kick some serious a$$ in my fantasy leagues. Especially my BnG league. Barring injury, and possibly even with injury, I'll bet anyone that overall, for the season, my team will outscore anyone's. ANYONE'S! If my team stays healthy, I'll double up on most of you! That's right. Now who wants to step up? All our leagues score the same way I believe, so who thinks he's got a good team?!?! You're all going down. :)

nocloning 08-26-2003 03:50 AM

Who wants to step up?!
In what league are you and what\'s your team\'s name?
Without having seen your team I doubt you\'ll double up on more than 2 teams (all BnG leagues combined).

tweeky 08-26-2003 07:29 AM

Who wants to step up?!
I\'m commissioner of an 8 man traditional league(not here).
Here\'s my starters...

Donovan McNabb
Priest Holmes
Shaun Alexander
Peerless Price
Chad Johnson
Derrick Mason
Adam Vinetieri
Tampa Bay D/ST

I obviously play with a bunch of idiots. I got McNabb in round 4.

Back-up is McNair. Like stealing candy!!!!

WhoDat 08-26-2003 08:53 PM

Who wants to step up?!
Not bad - almost as solid as I am:

Tampa\'s D


James Stewart
TJ Duckett
Amos Zeroue
Moe Williams
Domonic Rhodes

Randle El
Charles Rogers
Santana Moss
Dennis Northcutt
Eddie Kennison

David Sloan

Joe Nedney

New England\'s D

I\'d bet I my best backups could beat a lot of teams.

WhoDat 08-26-2003 08:54 PM

Who wants to step up?!
Oh and tweaky - that\'s my BnG league team. These are the guys we\'re talking to now who claim to know so much about football... they let me draft this team. Barring injury, I\'m unstoppable.

JOESAM2002 08-26-2003 09:24 PM

Who wants to step up?!
Yah yah yah, you drafted that team because you had a good draft position. LOL. You\'re ok but ok ain\'t gonna get it! If you need some help getting Rice and Booker to the line of scrimmage let me know. I\'ll furnish some grease for their wheel chairs.

WhoDat 08-26-2003 09:36 PM

Who wants to step up?!
Joe I called you out once and I\'ll do it again. Put any amount of money you want on it. Any. The two fantasy indicies I\'m looking at have Toomer rated 6.5, Rice 15, and Booker 16.

Who are your receivers again?

saint5221 08-26-2003 09:43 PM

Who wants to step up?!
Not bad Whodat it is suprising Williams and Tomlinson were avaible to the same team which B&G league are you in? Here is my team I do not have the one two RB punch you have which is huge but I am pretty solid over all.

QB McNabb, DonovanÂÂÂ*(QB-Phi)ÂÂÂ*
QB Johnson, BradÂÂÂ*(QB-TB)ÂÂÂ*
WR Ward, HinesÂÂÂ*(WR-Pit)
WR Mason, DerrickÂÂÂ*(WR-Ten)
WR Hilliard, IkeÂÂÂ*(WR-NYG)
WR Conway, CurtisÂÂÂ*(WR-NYJ)ÂÂÂ*
RB Henry, TravisÂÂÂ*(RB-Buf)
RB Martin, CurtisÂÂÂ*(RB-NYJ)ÂÂÂ*
RB Hambrick, TroyÂÂÂ*(RB-Dal)
TE Crumpler, AlgeÂÂÂ*(TE-Atl)
TE Miller, BillyÂÂÂ*(TE-Hou)
WR/TE Bates, D\'WayneÂÂÂ*
WR/RB Shipp, MarcelÂÂÂ*(RB-Ari)ÂÂÂ*
Bench Crockett, ZackÂÂÂ*(RB-Oak)ÂÂÂ*
Bench McCardell, KeenanÂÂÂ*(WR-TB)
Bench Kitna, JonÂÂÂ*(QB-Cin)
Bench Glenn, TerryÂÂÂ*(WR-Dal)
Bench Wheatley, TyroneÂÂÂ*(RB-Oak)
Bench Terrell, DavidÂÂÂ*(WR-Chi)
Bench Testaverde, VinnyÂÂÂ*(QB-NYJ)
Bench Clark, DesmondÂÂÂ*(TE-Chi)ÂÂÂ*

WhoDat 08-26-2003 09:51 PM

Who wants to step up?!
Obviously I like McNabb a lot, and Ward and Henry are very good picks. Crumpler is gonna surprise people this year - he\'ll be the steal of your team. Mason, Hilliard, and Conway are all 2nd receivers - I\'d like to see more #1s. Martin and Hambrick don\'t do it for me either. You\'ll win some games, but I wouldn\'t be thinking about being league champion if I were you... sorry hombre.

saint5221 08-26-2003 10:05 PM

Who wants to step up?!
The league I am in drafted well , you would\'nt of gotten away with that roster there, and I picked 8th out of ten ,there are a couple of teams who look damn good but no run away monsters. Why did\'nt you step up and play with us there? Its hard to compare leagues to each other unless you drafted head to head, it does\'nt translate the same as the points do. Also we have more starters, the depth adds a lot to the league.
I\'m not to happy with Hambrick right now , would love another starting back. Martin needs another good year hope he can stay healthy, with Pennington out he should get a lot of carries. I\'ll need a few breaks, Shipp in Arizona, Desmond and Terrel in Chi. A few recivers like Conway to do well and my studs to be studs with the emergance of one of my bench guys , I think I\'ll be alright, But yea I\'m definatly not in the drivers seat.

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