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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; That is just the point Saintsfan . Thx...

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Thanks, WhoDat, Saintz08, FWtex

That is just the point Saintsfan . Thx
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Thanks, WhoDat, Saintz08, FWtex


Let\'s talk about your man. The one that\'s gonna be great. That\'s right Jake Delhomme.

I think Jake is the worst QB to every play the game. He\'s been in the league for how long now, about 10 year?? He hasn\'t been able to beat out NOBODY!! Why can\'t you see this? Are you blind? Come on- WAKE UP AND SMELL DA COFFEE!!

Jake is a nice guy but he\'s too dumb to be an NFL QB!! Hell, all he had to do is beat out Rodney Peete and he couldn\'t even do that. Cause he too stupid to learn the playbook!!

Why are you so optimistic about Jake Delhomme? You have absolutely no reason to be. How long have we got to give Jake to crack a starting line-up? Can all those coaches be wrong. Why don\'t you call them up and tell \'em what a big mistake they\'re making!!

Maybe while ya got \'em on the phone-you can ask \'em if they would be willing to swap Jake for Aaron. What ya think they would say?

Defend Jake. Come on? I can\'t hear ya!!!

Now, I\'m not Anit-Delhomme. Show me where I am?
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Thanks, WhoDat, Saintz08, FWtex

I think Jake is the worst QB to every play the game.
It\'s apparent that you have not seen any Cowboy games yet this year. :P They will be the worst team in football.

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I do not know on that one Black and Blue but the Deadskins are looking pretty helpless , that whole division may be a whipping post for the Eagles .
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Thanks, WhoDat, Saintz08, FWtex

\"I think Jake is the worst QB to every play the game\" That\'s where. I never said Aaron Brooks was a bad quarterback. Show me where I said that. Again, you can\'t.

Oh, and by the way, Bouman\'s been in the league longer than Delhomme with roughly the same results... you up on him, or was that a bad move by the Saints?

Hey Saintfan...

\"c)realize that you\'d somehow manage to find fault in our team even if we won the freakin superbowl!\"

You\'re damn right. I have never ever seen a team that didn\'t have room to improve. Can you show me a team in the history of the league that ranked first in offense, special teams, and defense... had no turnovers, and who kept every player from one year to the next? If the answer is no then EVERY team has room to improve... or wait, is Tampa going to repeat then? B/c they won the Super Bowl so they\'re perfect right? That\'s why only one team has ever won... oops, no.. uh... hhhmmm.

Any of you guys who think that I don\'t own 10+ jerseys, that I didn\'t get Directv just to see the Saints in Chi-town, that can\'t quote players stats with the best of them, that think that I don\'t curse, cheer, and cry (joy and pain) are flat wrong. But in the last three years how many of you were right about your predictions? You all predicted us to go to the playoffs in 00, but not in 01 and 02 right? I\'d bet it is the exact opposite. I\'ve been right two out of the last three years. I was right in 00, wrong in 01, and right last year.

\"Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s all anyone ever makes for the New Orleans Saints’ organization.\" - Eric Narcisse

\"Being a Saints fan is almost like being addicted to crack,\"
he said.[i]\"You know you should stop, but you just can\'t.\"
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