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BillyCarpenter1 08-27-2003 09:03 AM

It has been brought to my attention that our team has several major weaknesses. I'm gonna list them below and state my opinions and ask a few questions.


1.) Offensive Play Calling

2.) Coaching

3.) Quarterback

4.) Defense


1.) Several members have brought to my attention that our play calling sucks and because of that we are going to have problems. Now, I ask what you have to base those assumptions on?

My opinion is a simple one on this subject. The name of the game when calling plays is to put points on the board. No? Now, our play calling put 432-pts. on the board last year to lead the NFC. I'm sure we left some points on the field, just like every other team in the NFL, but how can play calling be criticized when we lead the NFC in scoring?

2.) It's been well documented by some that they beleive that Haslett and Co. have screwed up to the point that they should be fired. I can understand some of the criticizim but to be fired?

I guess when you look at the small picture that an arguement could be made to fire Haz and Co, but when you look at the big picture, I think he's done an outstanding job. Let's look at the small picture first. Haz got the team to overacheive in their first year and we won our first playoff game ever. The following year the team came back to reality and went 7-9. Last year many changes were made on offense and the offense exploded for 432 pts but the defense was still lacking and we missed the playoffs again.

Now lets look at the big picture. Haz and Co. took over a team that was predicted by the experts to take a few years to just be competitive. They did complete, but what really threw the NFL and their fans on their ear is the Saints not only competed but won their first playoff game ever. I think the success that Haz had in his first year is much of the reason that Haz has been criticized. Why? Because I think the team overacheived that year and was still severly lacking in talent to continue to compete at that level. The next year the team went 7-9 and was not able to live up to the previous years success and it was considered moving backwards. But I don't think they moved backwards at all. Last year the offense was overhaled and they come out like gangbusters and and won their first 6-games. Fans were excited and the experts were picking us to go to the Super Bowl. However, the offense covered by a major weekness, which was the defense. The defense later proved to be the undoing for the Saints promising season. Was this Haslett's fault. I say no. Why? Because, it takes time to rebuild an organization from top to bottom, like he had to do. While he hasn't been perfect-I think he's done a solid job. Can anyone say that any coach in the NFL could have stepped in a done a better job?

This post is getting too long so I will save the last two for a later time.

FWtex 08-27-2003 09:32 AM

See \"the sky is falling\" post.

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