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rusta 08-27-2003 01:28 PM

an answer for dat
what do you want explained to you dat? why we are optimistic about our team?


i don't like to come out on people but the last few days you've said some pretty questionable things, i understand that you don't like AB or venturi or haz, that's fine, but to be as doubtful of everything as you are i wonder why you call yourself a fan, if we open the season 0-4, then be my guest and join me in quoting how much we suck but until then...

everyone who has been here for awhile knows what you said about brooks and jake, quite frankly that one blew up in your face, i know you won't admit it but it did

as far as the defense goes yeah they LOOK crappy but they WERE crappy last year, for whatever reason you seem to have blocked out the fact that we were a good team last year, we missed the playoffs by a game, i'm not saying we're going to make it to the super bowl this year but playoffs is not really out of the question and as far as i'm concerned that would be enough for me since we haven't been there in 2 years

how about a little faith and support in your team for once instead of 'we're gonna suck, we're gonna suck'

saintfan 08-27-2003 02:30 PM

an answer for dat
Funny thing is that at the end of last season you could\'t get whodat to acknowledge how poor the defense was. He (along with some others -- you know who you are) blamed EVERY loss on Aaron Brooks...EVERY one of \'em. Now the defense is all he (and others) want to talk about. Personally I think some people just like to complain.


See, with Whodat, the glass is neither half-empty nor is it half full. The glass just isn\'t by God big enough.

rusta 08-27-2003 05:20 PM

an answer for dat
i guess they\'ll all be on the bouman wagon this year, i mean as bad as AB is bouman must be better than AB and smarter too!!!!!

there\'s a reason guys have been backups for years and years, and i don\'t want to hear any warner stories those are very rare occurances

BlackandBlue 08-27-2003 07:13 PM

an answer for dat

there\'s a reason guys have been backups for years and years, and i don\'t want to hear any warner stories those are very rare occurances
Kurt Warner, Kelly Holcomb, Jay Fiedler, Rich Gannon, Tommy Maddox, Jeff Garcia, Brad Johnson...

So very rare....

JOESAM2002 08-27-2003 07:50 PM

an answer for dat
Tom Brady, Marc Bulger and Trent Green. :D

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WhoDat 08-27-2003 08:44 PM

an answer for dat
What I don\'t understand is why my outlook on the season puts into question my loyalty to this team at all. I have posted as many GOOD reasons as to why the Saints MAY have a bad year as any of you have posted as to why they MAY have a good year.

And can we please, please get one thing straight. I DO NOT DISLIKE AARON BROOKS. Yes, I think he is the wrong quarterback for this team. But while I will acknowledge that he has physical skills and does certain things well, you guys that have your heads 2 feet up his a$$ won\'t admit that he has ANY flaws. And that makes me the crazy person. Saintfan, you\'ve been gone a long time so don\'t even begin to pretend like you know. I also think Dante Culpepper is a good quarterback, but I\'ll take a Marc Bulger or Chad Pennington over Aaron Brooks or Dante Culpepper IN THIS OFFENSE any day. They are better suited for THIS type of offense. Again, compare - Oakland - Gannon, St. Louis - Warner/Bulger, Pittsburgh - Maddox, Buffalo - Bledsoe, Tampa - Johnson... now is our offense more like those offenses, or more like Atlanta\'s, Minnesota\'s, or Philly\'s??? B/c those last three teams have QBs like ours, yet their offensive scheme\'s and personnel look nothing like ours. Can anyone argue that point?

Now, if you\'re happy about this defense right now that\'s great, but you\'re nuts. Other teams have gone from very bad to very good in a single season over the past few years... wanna know the big difference? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM replaced a ****TY D COORDINATOR WITH A VERY GOOD ONE. Look. Go back and look. We didn\'t. And again, nothing you can say will change my mind right now. I may be wrong, it won\'t be the first time. But I will remember these conversations and I will come after each and every one of you who is singling me out right now in a few months if the D sucks again all season.

Of course, I\'m sure you\'ll all have some BS to quote. \"Hey, we got better. We\'re 22nd in the league this season.\" \"But our D line played better.\" blah blah blah. I just hope YOU GUYS are big enough to admit you were wrong wrong wrong if the defense sucks.

And one more thing. Saintfan, go back and find one post where I ever claimed that the defense was not the single biggest problem this team had. I never did once. I constantly stated and restated (and obviously you still haven\'t gotten it) that just b/c a team has one big problem doesn\'t mean that it doesn\'t have other areas where it can improve. Get it yet or are you still as deaf as ever?

rusta 08-28-2003 04:35 PM

an answer for dat
holcombe, bulger and maddox still have tons to prove, none of them has ever started from season\'s beginnning and bulger is still the backup

gannon and johnson have been starter\'s on some team or another for years

fiedler is nothing to wow about

that leaves warner (who might not be the man much longer), brady and garcia

3 guys out of 32 teams over the last 5 years, like i said a rarity

BlackandBlue 08-28-2003 10:07 PM

an answer for dat
Rusta, if I were you, I wouldn\'t have posted to this thread, in hopes that it would fall from the first page and not be seen by many, as you you look like the biggest idiot that posts here. In your last post, you have bent the facts so much that they are in direct conflict of your first post. Now, unplug your keyboard, place it neatly in the trash can, and walk away from the computer.

EDIT: Perhaps I\'m being too brunt and need to find another way to get my point across. I want you to play a game. I say that there was not a single running back to run for over 1000 yards last year. Now, prove me wrong.

[Edited on 29/8/2003 by BlackandBlue]

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