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jasmint_akar 08-27-2003 04:25 PM

lets play pick ems
detroit over arizona my spread 3
cinci over denver 6
greenbay over minnesota great game hopes it's televised

atlanta vs dallas 3 dalllas over atlanta vick your ****in done man your not superman you should no you run too the right thats when you get sacked

kansas city over san diego superchargers go chargers just joking 14

pittsburgh over baltimore bye 3

miami over houston spread 14 until they could prove otherwise

jackoffjill over carolina bye 3 i'm still not impressed bye deshaun foster yet

giants over rams i don't beleive the hype rams are headed down again

chicago over san fran this is my upset the real spread will brobably be sis i say 3 though

oakland over tennesee jerry porter has awestruck day and burns tennesee D for 120 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns.

philli over bucs philli is another nemesis for the bucs so are the saints!!!!!!!!!! saints will sweep bucs again bucs cannot matchup too speed on saints wr corps todd pinkston has great day for 100 yards and a touch!!!!!!!!!! use pinkston as your sleeper in ffl marty booker too

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