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FWtex 09-30-2002 07:03 PM

Must have been one heck of a party Sat. night
The saints played like they all had a huge hangover. Someone should take test sample of the saints food and water.

The saints played extremely slow and lazy. I saw more standing around on the feild while the ball was in play then I have ever seen all my life. On the second detroit O-series they ran the ball up the middle into a huge pile. One saints player was behind the RB watching the pile move forward. Why did he not put an arm in there and at least try to strip the ball? We all saw turley standing as the DB ran and interception past him. Remember the play against GB where Donte caught the WR screen and the DB was leveled? That same play was run against the lions but donte had 2 DB's in his face. Just as Donte was going down you could see his blocker running into the picture. IT WAS THE EXACT SAME PLAY but without the execution.

AB was raddled from the start. This was evident because all his passes were thrown high leaving the WR exposed. Other than the high passes AB played well enough fro the saints to win. This loss can be directly attributed to SLOAN. I hope he feels very guilty cashing his game check. If he was any kind of an honest man he would donate that check to charity. Every pass thrown his way was catchable by the most average receiver. Had he caught those passes he would have picked up another 10 yds running. the chains would have moved, drives would have continued, and the pressure would have been taken off AB and the WR. YES one player can kill a team and Sloan did just that Sunday.

What once looked like a deep talented team now looks kinda thin on both sides of the ball. I just pray Duece does not get hurt or this season will be over. The saints abandoned the run way too early. Duece has the ability to break a long one at any time and makes the Defense play honest. With the rush the Lions were bringing a series of Draw plays and middle screens would have forced the rush back on their heels. Yes the saints did this eventually and duece ran very well but the saints waited too long to go there.

Overall there was a major letdown by the whole organization. I hope there party was great because the fans party really sucked!!

whodatsaintsfan26 09-30-2002 08:52 PM

Must have been one heck of a party Sat. night
You cant blame the lose on Sloan. If AB wouldnt have fumbled and Detroit wouldnt have picked it up and ran it in for a TD then the score would have been 21-19 Saints. AB had 3 costly turnovers. Had he not had those T.O.\'s the game would have been over early. The Lions only had a couple of drives that they actually did anything with the ball. They moved it well but couldnt get in the endzone. With the performance out there on sunday no one showed up for the game and it cant be blamed on any one player. Im not blaming AB im just pointing out the fact that it was more than just Sloan. Players have bad days so enjoy cashing the check David just try to show up this week.

JOESAM2002 10-01-2002 01:03 AM

Must have been one heck of a party Sat. night
Amen Whodat! They looked like they thought the Lions were just going to lay down for them and let the Saints roll over them. This was a total TEAM loss. Maybe Has should walk into the dressing room and use these profound words\" Let he who is without sin......\" you know the rest. Everyone with the exception of a few, Deuce,Knight and maybe 1 or 2 others seemed to take the first half off. One more thing. Boy were you ever right Whodat about Sloan. He dropped everything thrown to him. I can understand maybe dropping 1 or even 2 thrown right to you, but all of them? Oh well that\'s just 1 loss, maybe they will see the light and come to play every game from now on. If they do, Lord help the poor team they\'re up against. These guys could be the best team New Orleans and the state of Louisiana ever had.

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