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stockman311 08-29-2003 09:09 AM

Safety Help
I cant even begin to tell you how miffed I am at the shortsightedness of the front office of this team. We should never have traded Sammy Knight to the Dolphins. We should have cut Bellamy resigned Knight and let Mitchell backup for one more year. Now we are in deep SH*T. We wont be able to stop anyone from throwing to the deep part of the field now. Does anyone have any clue about any safeties being cut from other teams this week or are there any safeties out there to sign as free agents? Our linebackers and safeties and cornerbacks suck and our defensive lineman are always hurt or overweight. We are going to have to score 40 points a game this year to have a shot at the playoffs. Does anyone know how I can put a contract on Sage Rosenfels life? Is this negative enough? I hate preseason! :casstet:

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