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JOESAM2002 08-29-2003 10:38 AM

The Saints Player personnel department...
After having to deal with several state and federal agencies over the past few weeks, I have become all to aware that these folks that work there are a breed of their own. They work when they choose. If something gets done it's a miracle.

For some strange reason, I woke up this morning thinking the same thing about the Saints personnel department. How can it be that the Saints at this point of the season can be hurting so bad for players? First, we take a perhaps far to long look at Curtis Keaton, when it was obvious that he just couldn't learn the play book, and we find ourselves scrambling to find a backup for Deuce with 10 days before the REAL season starts.

Now we have another little problem at safety, surely they had some idea that a player might get hurt in preseason? How can this lack of depth happen? Sure we have Bellamy, but I think we all saw him last year. He wasn't exactly all Saints, let alone all pro.
Ok , so we have Michael"we have to find a place he can play, we have to much invested in him" Hawthorne. Now his shoulder is hurt. For Crist's sake, we had a 4th string quarterback playing safety last night. What does this tell you? Maybe these guy's have a secret plan that we as mere mortals aren't aware of, but for the life of me, I can't see it.

Oh well, I feel this way. If some of us had let this happen in our everyday job, today we'd be at home this fine morning "Scratching our unemployed asses!". But hey, it's all part of the plan. You know they have one, I know they have one, they just can't remember what it is. Maybe they suffer from CRS? In this case, it looks as if it might be terminal.

P.S. Boy do I hate to be negative! :(

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WhoDat 08-29-2003 04:47 PM

The Saints Player personnel department...
According to a LOT of people on this board we are \"deep\" on the defensive side of the ball this season. All you guys that think that Haz and Co. are great evaluators of talent... well, let\'s just say I\'m eyeballin\' ya boyz!

I am really interested to see what the following players do this season:

Mel Mitchell (oops - hurt)
Tebucky Jones
Orlando Ruff
Sedrick Hodge
James Allen
Gravy, er Grady, Jackson
2 first rounders Sullivan
Ashley Ambrose
Dale Carter
Fred Thomas

Sammy Knight
Charlie Clemmons
Joe Johnson
La\'Roi Glover

We\'ll see if these guys know anything about defensive talent.

FWtex 08-29-2003 06:07 PM

The Saints Player personnel department...
Joesam you hit on what I have been wodering for some time now myself. Who is the guy making these smart moves to only come back with 10 stupid moves(non-moves) to go with them. Its been driving me crazy all offseason and now I see I was concerned for good reason.

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