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archiemanning 10-01-2002 12:33 PM

Best New orleans saints team ever not really
Now here me out I could say this maybe the best offence we have had. This is nowhere near the best Defence though. If only we could take the NFC West Division crown Saints Defence since they where the number 1 defence in the league and the 2002 offence the Saints would be unstoppable. I mean the corner backs where even good. Wish we had Rickey Jackson still playing.

DomeFoam 10-01-2002 12:51 PM

Best New orleans saints team ever not really
Hey Arch, I agree with you, this is the best offense ever. I still think our D is good. Can\'t wait till Dale Carter comes back. I think our D line is one of the best we ever had. Our linebackers are so-so. I\'d take Ricky Jackson back in a hearbeat.

archiemanning 10-02-2002 05:46 PM

Best New orleans saints team ever not really
Doam foam the 91 D no weaknesses except for here again in the secondary at least they made people pay when they caught the ball only ones that hits hard in the secondary is bellamy or knight. I still wish we could bring back receiver Eric martin or Quinn Early instead of Pathon though I don\'t like pathon. Wishes all are receivers where threats to go the distance at any given time horn and stallworth best duo ever though. except for maybe Willie Jackson. No maybe not I don\'t think Stallworth will get 1,000 yards receiving this year but hey hey has converted a touchdown each game so far. Wonders why Horn is having problems hopes they sighn Horn to a contract during season or after season though. Well nice cummunicating with you. I still would take 91 secondary or D over this years squad Reanaldo Turnbull and Rickey jackson Wayne Martin. But that why where Americans freedom of opinion.

SaintStoneyMount 10-08-2002 12:38 PM

Best New orleans saints team ever not really
91 was the best defense hands down. This year is the best offense by far. If we could pair the 91 defense and 2001 offense we would have a true superbowl threat. Makes your mouth water, huh? But that is really fantasy

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