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BillyCarpenter1 08-30-2003 09:12 AM

Saints vs. Seahawks

Shawn Springs sustained a shoulder injury in the quarter and was examined in the lockerroom. He is schedule to have x-rays Saturday.
I also hear that left tackle Walter Jones is still holding out. That's 2 KEY PLAYERS that possibly will not be in the game next Sunday.

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BillyCarpenter1 08-30-2003 09:48 AM

Saints vs. Seahawks

Seahawks Beat: Hey, this could be worse; it\'s only preseason


DENVER -- Mike Holmgren had three goals in the Seahawks\' preseason finale last night:

Avoid more injuries.

Show nothing to the New Orleans scouts at Invesco Field scrutinizing the Seahawks for the Sept. 7 regular-season opener against the Saints at Seahawks Stadium.

Display some consistency and continuity on offense and defense.

One outta three ain\'t bad? Sorry, yes it is.

The Seahawks couldn\'t sidestep the injury bugaboo that plagued them all of last season and also during this preseason, as cornerback Shawn Springs had to leave the game after hurting a shoulder in the first quarter and is scheduled to have tests today to determine the extent of the injury.

They did dish up an offense that was a triple scoop of vanilla -- hold the nuts and definitely the cherry. But they also did little to generate any yards, not to mention much excitement, in a 20-3 loss to the Broncos.

If ever there was an example of why the NFL needs to shorten the preseason, this was it. The Broncos played few regulars, and the Seahawks regulars made few plays in their limited stints.

For the Seahawks, it might have been a step in the right direction from last year\'s humiliating 31-0 loss to the Broncos\' backups here. But it also was a step back from the offensive efficiency displayed in the preseason wins over the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs.

Repeat after me: It\'s only the preseason. It\'s only the preseason. It\'s only the preseason.

The No. 1 offense was on the field for 10 plays and had only one play of any significance -- a 23-yard completion from Matt Hasselbeck to receiver Alex Bannister, who started because of Darrell Jackson\'s bruised hip.

Other than that, it was a couple of passable first-down plays -- Hasselbeck\'s game-opening 8-yard completion to Koren Robinson and a 7-yard run by Shaun Alexander to begin their second possession -- that were followed by nothing to sustain a drive, or even produce a first down.

\"The regulars were only going to play the first quarter,\" Holmgren said. \"Then (the Broncos) had a long drive. So we ran out of time, plus we weren\'t very effective when we had the ball. It was bad combination.\"

The Seahawks played without left guard Steve Hutchinson, Jackson and -- of course -- no-show Pro Bowl left tackle Walter Jones.

But those players who did play in the first quarter -- against mostly Denver backups, just like last year -- simply didn\'t produce enough plays.

The defense, meanwhile, showed some flashes -- especially linebacker Chad Brown, who made the tackles on three of the Broncos\' first four plays and later had a sack.

But again, as with the offense, the consistency and energy flickered on and off.

How else do you explain Jarious Jackson, the Broncos\' No. 3 QB, scrambling for 19 yards and a first down on third-and-3. Or Danny Kanell, who is battling Jackson for the final roster spot behind Jake Plummer and Steve Beuerlein, lofting a pass over cornerback Ken Lucas and into the fully extended arms of tight end Partick Hape for a 39-yard completion. Or Kanell getting off a 17-yard completion to rookie wide receiver Adrian Madise on third-and-6, despite being rocked by defensive tackle John Randle just as he released the ball.

\"We haven\'t been together enough. We\'re all still learning the defense together,\" Brown said. \"But we\'ve got one week to get this thing tightened up.\"

It\'s only the preseason. It\'s only the preseason. It\'s only the preseason.

This team cannot afford to avoid inconsistent performances, costly mistakes and additional injuries once it tees it up for real against the Saints in only eight days.

The Seahawks will be playing the second-easiest schedule in the league.

They had an offense no one but themselves seemed able to stop in the final six games last year, and return all key players.

They used three draft picks this off-season and millions of owner Paul Allen\'s dollars to obtain and retain players to improve a defense that ranked 28th in the league and last against the run in 2002.

\"I feel like we have a playoff team,\" defensive tackle Norman Hand said. \"For us not to make the playoffs, every guy in this locker room would have to look at themselves. We\'ve got a lot of talent, but we\'ve also got to go out and produce and play as a team.\"

That didn\'t happen last night.

It\'s only the preseason. It\'s only the preseason. It\'s only the preseason.

That mantra expired at the stroke of 9 last night.

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BillyCarpenter1 08-31-2003 11:27 AM

Saints vs. Seahawks
Seahawks | Springs Injured; Expected To Miss Six To Eight Weeks
Sun, 31 Aug 2003 08:36:57 -0700

Mike Sando, of the Tacoma News Tribune, reports Seattle Seahawks CB Shawn Springs (shoulder) suffered a broken shoulder blade during the pre-season finale against the Denver Broncos. Springs will likely need six to eight weeks to recover from the injury.

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