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mighty12 11-25-2009 07:02 PM

Keys to the game
Seeing that I am glued to my tv every Sunday and the Patriots seem to be on every week out here I consider myself a subject matter expert on the Patriots. With that said here are the keys to a Saints victory...........

- Play the underneath pass - Brady is the master of the underneath passing game. Whether it's Welker or even worse Kevin Faulk, Brady uses a quick drop and even quicker release to get the ball out before the front four can make get a hand on him. The best way to defend this is by mixing up the front four rushers and keep the middle of the field busy. Blitzing Brady plays to his strengths, so don't do it Gregg.

- Don't let the playaction fool you - The Pats call up the playaction pass 5-6 times a game, and that is surprising because no one really respects their run game. Also, most times the playaction is dialed up Brady tries to go deep to Moss. Sharper and Greer will need to be on the same page or wee will get beat deep plenty of times.

- The wizard that is Bill - Coach Belicheck is one of the NFL's masterminds when he is given game film and a week to put a plan together. The Pats don't lose to too many teams twice for this very reason. However, Miami showed last year how to combat this...........emplement an entirely new scheme (i.e. The Wild Cat) and you give Bill zero time to adjust.

- That scrappy defense - The strength of the Pats defense is their pass attack. They kept Peyton Manning confused for much of the game, and he could not get into a rhythm. Where their defense struggles is when an offense plays smash mouth football, running it up the gut. This plan gets them to start flooding the box with 7-8 players and opens up the outside passing game. Establish the run and then move to high % passing underneath to frustrate the defenders and that will open up the deep ball.

So, can the Saints win? Of, course......any team can win, but in this game it has nothing to do with who has better athletes and has everything to do with who schemes better. We shall know by the end of the first quarter how the game will play out and who has out coached whom.

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