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SaintNik 09-03-2003 11:52 PM

North West Coast
Holmgren has his version of the North West Coast Offense which he has taught with success in San Fransicso and Green Bay but without the same in Seattle. He has been with the Seahawks for 5 years now I think and has most control over personnel as well. They finished up last year playing well and most think they will compete for their division this year. This year will be viewed as a make or break year for him up there. A sub .500 record and he will get the ax. An appearance in the playoffs and he may get a huge vote of confidence along with an extention to his contract.

As for as our game sunday goes, the matchup his offense brings against our defense could pose problems. They have good talent across the board at the skilled positions. Hopefully the substitute right tackle and other offensive line changes will lack unity. If we can exploit this by stuffing the run and getting line pressure on the QB we can shut them down. This will still be difficult because in their system the have a quick passing game. Let's hope we can disrupt their timing and create some turnovers.

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