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Halo 12-21-2009 09:54 AM

Top Five 2009 Saints' Songs
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By Meaghan Jones - With most of a magical season locked down, and that all-important first week playoff bye secured after a close victory over the Falcons, the Saints Super Bowl anthems aren't just inevitable anymore. It's getting to the point where they might be - dare I say it? - necessary.

Drew Brees said in a recent interview that, should the Saints happen to leave their car windows down when they're driving away from a game, fans will throw all kinds of trinkets into their cars. Pralines, free t-shirts, hand-knit things, and, of course, CDs make their way onto the car seats of the players.

Everyone in the city - music experience optional, it seems - wants to get in on the halftime act, and a new Saints tribute song pops up on YouTube as often as we get a win. Ahem, every weekend. Anyway, these are my personal favorites, including a throwback to 2006 or two, and they're sure to make any game-watching party you have a success.
And if you're lucky enough to be in the Dome, these will all be more than familiar to you. Also, we're not speaking. I'm much too jealous.

Meghan's Top Five 2009 Saints' Songs:

5. K. Gates - "Black and Gold (Who Dat)"
K. Gates is so right, this ain't your Daddy's Saints. Plus, the opening of the video features that oh-so-controversial clip of Bobby Hebert in the press box, cheering and gesturing wildly after a Saints touchdown in the early season Jets game.

4. Shamarr Allen and Dee-1 - "Bring 'Em to the Dome"
Baby, we're the Saints fans, that's why we say, "Who dat?" This song is a little different than all the rest on the list, because it's got a little bit more rock and roll than the others. If this doesn't make you proud to call the Dome home, you're a lost cause.

3. U2 and Green Day - "The Saints Are Coming"
Someone sure knew what he was doing when he called in Bono to do the pre-game show on that fateful day in 2006 when the Saints finally came home to the Dome. I still get goosebumps when they play this song on the radio. You'll have to scroll to about 3:35 in this video to get to our song, but the buildup and intensity of the live performance makes it so worth it. If there's a song in the world that can symbolize what a beloved football team can do for a wounded city, this is it.

2. Baby Boy da Prince - "The Way We Live (2010 Saints version)"
This song is full of gems like, "Who dat boy? What dat boy name? Jeremy Shockeeeeeey," and, "We got Robert Meachem. Yeah, it's hard to reach him." 'Nuff said. P.S. - Take that, Bears.

1. Yin Yang Twins - "Stand Up & Get Crunk"
Well, my favorite one obviously shares some characteristics of the K. Gates song, but that's just fine with me. The gruff voices and growls of the Yin Yang Twins are so perfect for a halftime song in the Dome. As everyone knows after all, we totally own the second half; they're just getting us ready for it. I would really like to know how many Saints fans have this set as their ringtone right now; I bet it's a lot.

Christmas bonus! One more Saints song, compliments of Kermit Ruffins, whose got to be one of the biggest Saints fan in the city.

Kermit Ruffins - "Saints Christmas"
Mr. Ruffins, it sounds like our Christmas lists this year are identical. Can you hear us, Santa?!


Cpt. Quiver 12-21-2009 10:27 AM

Re: Top Five 2009 Saints' Songs
I've got another one for ya,13 and 1 version coming soon.Thank you, Panthers...GO SAINTS!!!!!...1 more win,and we're hostin'....WHO!!!DAT!!!!

WarEagle 12-21-2009 12:17 PM

Re: Top Five 2009 Saints' Songs
I had not heard The Way We Live, not bad.

My favorite of the this year's crop is "Bring 'em to the Dome." And yeah, the U2/Green Day from MNF in 2006 is awesome. Best MNF game ever!

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