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BillyCarpenter1 09-06-2003 01:19 PM

Aaron Brooks Seahawk slayer

Matchup of the Week: Aaron Brooks vs. the Seattle secondary

Aaron Brooks should begin the season with a big game.(Getty Images)
A shoulder injury to Shawn Springs has instantly weakened the Seattle secondary, making Ken Lucas the team's top cover corner right now. Lucas is a respectable second corner but lacks the closing speed and ball skills needed to shut down a receiver of Joe Horn's caliber. Rookie Marcus Trufant will be a frequent target for Brooks, who will test him with strikes to Donte' Stallworth and Jerome Pathon. Tackles Victor Riley and Wayne Gandy will keep defensive ends Chike Okeafor and Antonio Cochran from collapsing the pocket. Brooks will have much time to throw and should be able to scramble through the interior and avoid outside linebackers Chad Brown and Anthony Simmons when needed. Brooks should do most of his damage from the pocket, but he will exploit a questionable Seattle interior when he needs to take off.

Other matchups to watch
Seattle DT Norman Hand wants to prove something to his former teammates and could stifle Deuce McAllister's progress out of the backfield in the first half. Hand is a good starting option in individual defender leagues, but Seattle's front seven will miss the injured Chad Eaton, and McAllister should start ripping holes in the front seven later in the game. Simmons is another good starter in individual defender leagues; he has great lateral range and should go after McAllister and Brooks when they squirt through the front wall. Seattle LT Walter Jones missed all of camp, and RT Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack might have trouble containing DE Charles Grant. That means Matt Hasselbeck could be forced into some turnovers, but he will also locate WR Darrell Jackson often to get out of trouble. RB Shaun Alexander is too strong for MLB Darrin Smith to handle on his own, so SS Jay Bellamy will be busy against his old team.

saintz08 09-07-2003 06:56 PM

Aaron Brooks Seahawk slayer

WhoDat 09-07-2003 07:00 PM

Aaron Brooks Seahawk slayer
Honestly, I\'m not blaming Brooks THAT much. He still doesn\'t seem to be able to get the ball out quickly, nor can he go through the progressions well. Further, he needs to understand when to run and throw the ball away. Buying time is great, but when that time runs out, get rid of it!!

That being said, McCarthy is the person who should shoulder most of the blame for the offense\'s poor showing. Of course, our special teams play didn\'t help much in terms of field position. The defense is certainly suspect also. I cannot believe we kept Venturi.

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