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nocloning 09-06-2003 06:25 PM

Fantasy Football
Now I understand why it makes sense to draft the New Orleans Defense: The return yards are actually the return yards your team accumulates on kick-offs and punt returns. Silly me thought it was the return yards after interceptions and fumble recoveries. No, Sir!
That way when Tampa Bay plays the Saints and kills them 50-7 (the Saints TD coming when Michael Lewis returns on of the 10 kick-offs 98 yards) the Saints defense could outscore Tampa Bay's.
Apart from that one kickoff return TD Lewis averages a meager 11.5 yards per return = 200+ yards total return yards = 20 points. Plus 6 for the TD. Minus 7 for the 50 points. Equals 19 points. Not counting any sacks or interceptions (probably none if the enemy scores 50).
The Buc's defense gets 7 points for holding the Saints to 7 points. They get to return 2 kick-offs and a few punts, maybe for 60 yards = 6 points. Now they still need 6 points to get even with the Saints defense that allowed 50 points! I'm thrilled.
Bloody great. That's what I get for drafting Sapp and the rest in the 4th round.

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