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Don's Crystal Ball Week 17 Picks

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; THE DON'S Crystal Ball 2009 SEASON WEEK 17 PICKS By DonCanabis/D'BOYZ Analyst/Godfather Ok Happy New Year's everyone Week 17 it's the toughest Week to Predict, because you have teams playing for nothing other than pride (in some cases), you have ...

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Don's Crystal Ball Week 17 Picks

Crystal Ball

By DonCanabis/D'BOYZ

Ok Happy New Year's everyone Week 17 it's the toughest Week to Predict, because you have teams playing for nothing other than pride (in some cases), you have teams that might rest starters halfway to the game but they don't tell anybody and you have team going all out for 1 chance to make it to the show.

Quick Hits

•What I dumb, move The Colts front office made last week, I expected such a move and that's why I took the Jets, but I don't think they measured how their decision would affect the Fans, the NFL community and specially the Players. We all know the Colts have done this move of resting players once they have nothing to gain in the past but never in those cases they had a opportunity for perfections.

Boy those where some angry Colts in the sidelines and the worst thing about the move they made it's a Lose-Lose scenario what's left. If they win the Superbowl the fans will be happy no questions about it but they would be upset that they could had been perfect and if they don't make it or lose in the SB they'll blame it on resting the players because the year they won't it they went all out... and believe me it's in the head of the players also, they know that when they took every game like a SB they won it.

•The NFC right now it's everyone game with nobody really wanting it or just with every team having big question marks... NO it's lost it's starting too look like they were going downhill before the Dallas loss; Minnesota might lose their #2 spot this week and it has shown weakness in the secondary, oline and special teams; Arizona we know from last year that they can get hot even after they been cold for several weeks but you don't know what effort will they have each week...

Even the "Hot" teams right now have question marks; Dallas is showing a good defense and can move the ball but have trouble putting scores in the board and have huge problem in short yardage situations; Philadelphia don't have any problem in putting points but they can't seem to be able to stop anybody either; Green Bay looks like the most solid team right now but as we saw against Pittsburgh two weeks ago is still beatable.

•This are the Coaches I expect to be Gone for Next year: Zorn (Washington) heck i know it wasn't hard but I said it before the season started and got some bad words from some Redskins fans at the time, Cable( Oakland) To much trouble even for Al to handle, the big question here is who would want this job and the only reason I can see him comming back it's because there's a huge possibility like every year that nobody would want this job, Jack Del Rio (Jacksonville) I do believe he's a good coach but he has lost the grip of his team and they need a change,Buffalo they're already looking for 1;Lovi Smith (Chicago) I think the glory days are over with the Bears and they want somebody that can put his crybaby QB in a good direction and make that defense dominate again.

There are others that have a possibility to be gone next year but it will come down to how they end this year: Mangini (Cleveland), I have received some crap from Brown fans because I've said that the players are playing hard for him these past few weeks and it's a huge chance he will be back at least 1 more year... I believe nothing will be said until Holmgrem and him sit down at the end of the year and talk about what each wants from this team if they don't see eye 2 eye we know who will be in the next flight out of Cleveland; Morris (Tampa Bay) I believe the fort office just went with Cowhler to soon and after the years end will sit and see if changing coaches is the best option for the team. Kubiack (Houston) If they win this week even if they don't make the playoffs I think he will stay for 1 more year it looks like every year he saves his job by having great December's runs.

Ok on to the games

San Francisco at St.Louis Rams 7.5 Ovr/Und 40.5

And the Number one Pick goes to..... Easy game SF is playing hard even with nothing to gain the Ram's are bringing players from the UFL to fill a roster.

Straight: SF
Ovr/Und: Ovr

New England at Houston -8 Ovr/Und 46

Knowing Bill He will have all his starters play the whole game and will go for the win because they have a game next week and can't slack off, Houston will play with all and probably will have a lead at some point but at the end they will let the other team come from behind like they've done all year.

Straight: NE
Spread: NE
Ovr/Und: Ovr

Atlanta at Tampa Bay 2.5 Ovr/Und 41.5

Morris is coaching for his job this week, and Atlanta even with all the pride they have they're really injured and I don't know if they will try to risk more injuries.

Straight: TB
Spread: TB
Ovr/Und: Und

New Orleans at Carolina -7Ovr/Und 49

With nothing to play for it's riskier to try to get your groove back against a team playing hard right now and fail than rest the players and try to fix it indoors... Take Carolina

Straight: Car
Spread: Car
Ovr/Und: Und

Pittsburgh at Miami 3 Ovr/Und 46.5

Pittsburgh wants to be in the playoffs more we've seen it the past few weeks it won't matter anyone both teams won't make it.

Straight: Pit
Spread: Pit
Ovr/Und: Und

Jacksonville at Cleveland 1.5 Ovr/Und 38.5

The Jaguars started their offseason after the Colts loss they gave it all they had the Browns want to win each week.

Straight: Cle
Spread: Cle
Ovr/Und: Ovr

New York Giants at Minnesota -8.5 Ovr/Und 48

How the mighty have fallen, Minnesota won't be able to regroup after that Monday night huge loss specially how it ended they'll be exhausted.. I believe the Giants will go all out with nothing to play for just because of pride, the loss in the last game at Giants Stadium hurt some of the most veteran players and I expect them to go all out.

Spread: NYG

Indianapolis at Buffalo -7 Ovr/Und 38

It' would be very dumb if they put the starters in this game after the move they made last week... The made an unpopular move and now they have to stick by it, take the Bills.

Straight: Buf
Spread: Buf
Ovr/Und: Und

Chicago at Detroit -3 Ovr/Und 45

Question how many top 10 picks has the Lions have in the past 15 years? the Bears will play for everything Detroit likes picking early in the draft.

Spread: Chi
Ovr/Und: Und

Washington at San Diego -3.5 Ovr/Und 39

Even without many starters San Diego will win this game, the Redskins just want this season to be over they have no more gas left.

Spread: SD
Ovr/Und: Und

Tennessee at Seattle 4.5 Ovr/Und 43.5

Expect Tennessee to win this game, expect C.Johnson to pass the 2,00 rushing yards and expect Seattle to take a QB high in the draft.

Straight: Ten
Spread: Ten
Ovr/Und: ovr

Baltimore at Oakland 10.5 Ovr/Und 38

And the Ravens will make the playoffs even with the loss of last week count on it.

Straight: BAl
Spread: Bal
Ovr/Und: Ovr

Philadelphia at Dallas: -3 Ovr/Und 47.5

Huge game should had been the late game of the week the Division even the #2 spot it's in play in this game and with a huge chance of both teams meeting next week, and both want to play at home in the playoffs. Philadelphia has the Offense Dallas has the defense both teams are palying good but I expect Dallas to do some payback for last years huge loss.

Straight: Dal
Spread: Dal
Ovr/Und: Over

Kansas City at Denver: -13 Ovr/Und 38

To little to late Broncos after a great start this team will miss the playoffs and will be looking for a QB that can't actually win games not just try not to lose them.

Straight: Den
Spread: Den
Ovr/Und: Ovr

Green Bay at Arizona: -3.5 Ovr/Und 43

Even with Green Bay having nothign to win of this game I expect them to win it just because by it they have almsot secured a chance to play them again.

Straight: GB
Spread: GB
Ovr/Und: Ovr

Cinncinnati at New York Jets : -10 Ovr/Und 35

And for the second week in a row the Jets get a freeby and make it to the playoffs.. Look it's easy Cincinnati has many injuries and will prefer torest some players they lost one of their Key LB last week and won't risk anotehr player... Also these two team might play each other next week so Cincinnati might use this game as a scout.

Straight: NYJ
Spread: NYJ
Ovr/Und: Ovr

Last Week Finally (45-53) 46%

New England(league)
New York Giants(league)
Pittsburgh (league)
Green Bay

Don's Prediction League Top 5 Standings

This is up to week 13... the standing is based on overall record against Spread, Straight up and Ovr/Und.
  1. BnGBleeder(Steelersaddicts) 61%
  2. Ryper11 (TheWarpath) 58%
  3. BrrsColts (ColtsFreaks)58%
  4. Hayne (Cowboysboard)57%
  5. Sweatthepipe (Cowboysboard)57%
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Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 17 Picks

This game against could go either way. If Payton rests players that are borderline healthy or takes out our superstars then we could lose this game. There is a chance that we could win with our backups but I'm not betting on it.
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Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 17 Picks

I have to say the same thing bro. This is a game, where I'm going to go in, and scream for the team, but not scream if we lose, like last week. My mind has already celebrated the New Year, and is ready for game one of the play offs. But you better believe, that I will be watching the play off games that we don't play as well. Makes for better analysis on the B&G baby!
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