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saints_boy 10-08-2002 04:06 PM

WD-40 hands
We were counting on David Sloan to settle our tight end problem with his consistent ability to block and make key catches down the field. So what gives? Even Michael Lewis is yelling at Sloan to hold on to the ball!

whodatsaintsfan26 10-08-2002 04:28 PM

WD-40 hands
I think Sloan just has to get used to the way AB throws. AB rifles the ball in there. Sloan has never had a QB with that kind of zip on the ball. I think he is trying to hard right now to. You can see the difference he makes in run and pass blocking.

saints_boy 10-08-2002 05:13 PM

WD-40 hands
whodatsaintsfan, I agree that he is doing an outstanding job blocking in both the run and pass protection. It just worries me that we are entering the 6th week of the season and he still seems to be plagued with dropped passes. I really thought he was going to be a huge factor in the Saints` aerial attack. I hope he comes around and that Brooks does not lose faith in him.

saintz08 10-09-2002 12:10 AM

WD-40 hands
From what I saw in the Pittsburgh game Brooks laid off the zip on a couple of passes , and he had from what I saw in ball placement his best game yet in Black and gold . In some defense of Sloan , there were some receivers in Elways first year that had problems catching the rocket balls . To quote an unknown receiver \" high and hard is how my girlfriend likes them , not me \". From a quarterbacking stand point , the ball should be delivered as based on the route .

SaintStoneyMount 10-09-2002 06:07 AM

WD-40 hands
I think David has not lived up to expectations. He has been invisible so far. Nothing like what I expected. I feel Boo Williams is developing into a solid tight end. Boo has improved in blocking and is able to be on the field more and more. I look for Boo to emerge as our top tight end. So far Sloan is the biggest off season aquisition disappointment outside of Carter. IMHO

JOESAM2002 10-09-2002 12:19 PM

WD-40 hands
Where is Boo? I can\'t understand why they don\'t use him more in the offense? He has the size and speed to be dangerous. And besides, he has proved he can catch AB\'s passes.

saints_boy 10-09-2002 12:31 PM

WD-40 hands
Boo is a hell of a deep threat at the tight end position, and AB likes deep threats.

subguy 10-10-2002 11:37 AM

WD-40 hands
Sloan, has contributed greatly. His blocking skills are great. He has dropped a few balls, and hopefully he will correct his error. If the organization had fely Williams was the asnswer, they wouldn\'t have looked outside.

SaintStoneyMount 10-10-2002 01:19 PM

WD-40 hands
I don\'t agree. I think the organization saw Boo as the answer but felt he wasn\'t ready. That\'s why they went after Sloan who is no spring chicken. Sloan brings experience and could help Boo develop. But during the off season Boo added strength and weight. He also developed his blocking skills. He seems poised to make an impact. I think that he will as the season wears on and I expect him to subplant sloan by next season IMHO. Besides this Aaron loves to throw to Boo and as someones stated earlier this thread Boo can catch Aaron\'s bullets.

whodatsaintsfan26 10-10-2002 02:20 PM

WD-40 hands
Sloan came to New Orleans after posting a 37 catch season. That is barely 2 catches a game. I dont think he was brought in here to catch passes as much as his blocking. He should be able to catch 37 again this year, so I dont understand what the problem is. He isnt and hasnt been a threat in the passing game despite his 7 td\'s last year. He is a blocker. The only problem I have with Boo Williams is that AB looks to him too much. He throws into coverage to get the ball to Boo. Its not Boos fault but AB likes throwing to him too much.

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