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FWtex 09-07-2003 07:06 PM

can we go back to some older post now?

I don't like being the "I told you so" kinda guy but there has been alot of bad mouthing of a few of us here who kept saying this saints team is not that good. sure its only one game but the hope lots of you were counting on has not shown its face in more than 7 consecutive games now.
In case a few of you have forgotten here were my thoughts posted going into the the seattle game.

The performance of the saints defense will depend most importantly on the saints offense!!

If the Offense depends on quick strike score and or goes 3 and out then the defense will be horrible. Offense must establish drives and control the clock!

On Def:
DE's have to strectch the run outside or force the ball into the middle. They can't allow the rb to get around the corner.
Saints will have to stop the screen. look for this when SEA needs ydg.
Saints db's will have to make solo tackles. minimize the YAC and make SEA work for every yard.
MLB and bellamy will have to attack the middle of the feild and make this THEIR turf.

on O:
Left tackle will have to open up the hole for deuce. Deuce broke many long runs off the left side last year.
TE must be utilized often to make SEA play the whole field.
must have an effective screen play and use the dump off correctly to keep def on their heels
can't have the big penalties that nullify the big plays
#! have to control the clock with time consuming drives to keep def off the field. If the saints score on quick strikes they will lose in a shoot out.

This was a horrible offensively coached game. Forget the score! Carl Smith could have called a better offensive game than what I saw.

The saints never challenged the young sea Def backs. I did not see anything more complex than what was shown in preseason. Predictable offense and poor play calling. After the first quarter SEA was pretty good about shutting down the run. One play went to Conwell? Saints run a screen play after two consecutive run plays?

On def. I saw hodge stack up the middle when Alexander ran around the end. Tackleing still was disgutingly horrible. still can't defend the screen play. What was wrong with the 3-4 def that always worked so well?

-15 weeks to a new coaching staff!!!!!!!!!

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