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vasaintsfan 09-07-2003 07:40 PM

Im sure some of you nay sayers gong to have fun with this

as i watched the game and had to listen to the only seahawk fan in bar who was a chick cackle i seen a few things that looked good on offence

now lets consider that starters really didnt spend alot of time in game situations in preseason...

but i see alot of promise in our offence our wr were getting open with ease and once donte concentrates a bit better and hangs onto the ball he is going ot be a huge threat horn looked great but he wasnt used to full potential...duece looked great as usual..but thing i really noticed was how the te had a few catches that is a big plus...ab had alot of time to throw he didnt get hsi reads down like he should but he had lots of time and the main thing i noticed was that instead of stepping back into rush and getting sacked he started to move forward or try to make something out of the i think after the offence gets a lil chemistry woo hoo they going to be great i see lots of imrovements from last year the turnovers really screwed us bad...but that can be worked on

the defence was well horrible...thing about defence was no tackeling and that turning crap plays into big plays...and secondary was crappy on tackeling....the d-line stuffed the runner quite a few times but what was bad is the lb were not there to support the run d when the back got past the im not to concerned about d-line we got pressure when we needed but past them the tackeling sucks and if they cant tackle its going to be a long year...

but lets remember this seahawk team is supposed to win their division and we played them at home...WE LOOKED LIKE TRASH dont get me wrong but i seen a few things on the upside and i'm sure we will turn it not as excited about playoffs i was yeterday but im still excited to watch my saints win a few games and some will be edge of my seat last second shoot outs

miami lost to texans today and miami didnt look to good either but no one calling thier season over are they

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