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nocloning 09-08-2003 04:55 AM

Howard out three months
(from "... Saints defensive end Darren Howard will miss up to three months after dislocating his right wrist."

Still in a state of "Whatever", so I'll leave the comments to others.

vasaintsfan 09-08-2003 05:57 AM

Howard out three months
ok i dont understand why he is going ot be gone so long ...firstly i dont belive that a dislocated wrist is worse then broken hand is it....dont you always see oand d-line men with huge a$$ cast and things that look like pillows on their hadns and wrists becasue they are playing with broken stuff...just kinda curios...seems a shame to lose a major player for a body part that isnt used to much in his job

tweeky 09-08-2003 06:38 AM

Howard out three months
This guy just can\'t stay healthy. If Venturi said our success depends on Grant and Howard having GREAT seasons, then we are in some big time trouble now.

Whats next? McCallister\'s knee?

progress 09-08-2003 07:40 AM

Howard out three months
Please don\'t ever joke about Deuce\'s knees or any other part of his lower body.
With that said, Howard has not stayed healthy for the last 3 years, and it makes me wonder why we are saving 5 million in cap space for him.

ami2kind4words 09-08-2003 01:18 PM

Howard out three months
Didn\'t Fred Thomas play with a cast last year? I would think he(Fred Thomas) would need to play with both hands more than Howard . I just think if Darren Howard can\'t play with a cast for three months then they should use the cap money for players that can.

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