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Offense or Defense First?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Belair57 or we come out flat and get burned on D like the Dallas game Then we spend the first half putting another come back together Yes, but we started that game by getting the kick, putting ...

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Re: Offense or Defense First?

Originally Posted by Belair57 View Post
or we come out flat and get burned on D like the Dallas game Then we spend the first half putting another come back together

Yes, but we started that game by getting the kick, putting the O out there and going three and out on offense. This is what we definitely do not need against the Cards! That helped give Dallas a spark and put more pressure on our D. Plus, Dallas got the ball second half and drove for another score, further putting us behind.
If we had put the D out first in that game, they may have caught a spark from the energy the home crowd had to start the game rather than the let down we all felt by watching our O go three and out. Plus, it resulted in worse field position.
Obviously if we avoid turnovers and play a solid game, either way will work. But it seems riskier given the choice to have the offense fail to open the game than to have the D fail. If the D gives up a score to start, we have the strength of our team (Offense) to help pull us back. If we go three and out to start the game (which we have done on many series the last weeks of the season), then the troubled part of our team goes out with poorer field position to defend and a bigger responsibility to stop the Cards as we would be behind on possession. This is the teamís first playoff game since 2006, so I expect them to be excited, nervous, and maybe a bit tight. This is not how I want our O hitting the field. It would be better to let the adrenaline die a bit before they have to go out and run plays.
Going back to the Miami game, Drew commented that they felt better knowing they had the ball to start the second half. It gave them more confidence that they could overcome the lead Miami had built up. We hopefully wonít have that deficit to overcome, but I like having that ace in the hole.
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Re: Offense or Defense First?

Hear ya all. But I say RECEIVE the kick and get on with it.

If we don't win the toss and Cards make us kick to them fine. Superdome BOOM should get our defense going.
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Re: Offense or Defense First?

both teams are gonna score alot..get the ball and take the lead. That will put the pressure on them right away to have to match us score for score.
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Re: Offense or Defense First?

Getting the ball first does not mean scoring first. Sorry to keep posting about this but I swear I was pissed off and said so while watching the Dallas game when we got the ball first. We walked on the field with an attitude like we had the ball first so we were gonna score first and it kicked us in the nuts. Getting to start the second half with the ball, after adjustments were made is far more valuable than getting it to start the game. It's a pet peeve of mine! I've *****ed about it fir years. Ok I'll stop now.
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Re: Offense or Defense First?

i think it would give the crowd a bigger boost if we go on DEFENSE FIRST and make a stop! then we get the ball and try and score. its too much of an UP and DOWN feeling for the crowd to be totally pumped when they introduce the players, then when the offense takes the field first and we have to be quiet. i say keep the energy goin, let the D go out there while the crowd is nice and pumped up and make a huge defensive stop on the opening drive. of course nothin is guaranteed. they may go down and score on us on their first drive. but u never kno, i say DEFENSE first.

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Re: Offense or Defense First?

Defense first, then Mason Crosby-style onside kick recovery. JK.
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Re: Offense or Defense First?

Let's take the ball to start the second half. Get the Dome amped up and cheering for their Saints defense to start the game. Give Drew a chance to get the feel of the game.
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Re: Offense or Defense First?

Defer..i like D!!!!
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Re: Offense or Defense First?

pound them with the offense, and hae a 3 and out with the D.
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Re: Offense or Defense First?

I just can't see risking having Arizona jam it done our throats in the opening drive. Let's score first and put the pressure on them.
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