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Roll Call !!! (out of town fans)

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; ok ya'll, for us who dats that can't make da game. What are ya'll going to do for the game? Party at a bar, party at the house, friends over, etc ? Me just going to get smashed at my ...

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Roll Call !!! (out of town fans)

ok ya'll, for us who dats that can't make da game. What are ya'll going to do for the game? Party at a bar, party at the house, friends over, etc ? Me just going to get smashed at my house.
I'm superstitious as hell, when it comes to da Saints. I might have to go and cast a voodoo spell or something. lol How about ya'll anything nuts.
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Re: Roll Call !!! (out of town fans)

I'm having a few people over for some drinks and watch the Saints demolish the Cards. After the game, we're having a Jay and Silent Bob-a-thon. Watching every movie Kevin Smith did from Clerks all the way through to Clerks 2.
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Re: Roll Call !!! (out of town fans)

my wife and i will watch it alone. i just had back surgery so going to the game or anywhere is impossible. she ( my wife) has already bought the tape and rope to tye my ass down to make sure i don't screw up the 85,000 dollar operation. what can i say i'm a true saints fan.
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Re: Roll Call !!! (out of town fans)

My brother and I have built a sports bar, so we are either watching it in the bar, or at my house...NO KIDS, and NO other fans over that are not Saints fans...I dont like to hear other fans talking or hearing kids when the Saints are on.
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Re: Roll Call !!! (out of town fans)

I am watching it at home, in my bedroom, where the dvr and the HDTV are set up for maximum solitude and optimal viewing pleasure. I don't want anyone talking over the ridiculous observations of whatever drooling idiot fox sacrifices to the press box. I want to hear every pad knock, every tooth dislocate and each bead of sweat jolted from Warner's head as it continuously tests the impact strength of the Dome's field turf.

It cannot happen soon enough.
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Re: Roll Call !!! (out of town fans)

Me in mancave..drink lots beer
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Re: Roll Call !!! (out of town fans)

Don't play well with others when The Saints game is on. It usually works out better that people leave me alone. In fact living in DC, haven't had the problem
of anyone interested in watching a Saints game with me. Although about ten years ago I worked with a guy from Kenner who was one of the few Who Dats around here, unfortunatly he moved back to The Gulf Coast.
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Re: Roll Call !!! (out of town fans)


I'M HERE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Roll Call !!! (out of town fans)

The usual. Sports bar, with my Saints friends, few but proud. Gotta go to work immediately following the game, so not much drinking in the forecast.
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Re: Roll Call !!! (out of town fans)

I live in England so I will have NFL.com on and sit at my Appplemac and listen to the game on Saints Raidio Network!

Oh! and drink a beer or 10 just to get into the spirit of things.

Make sure all you who are going to the game, shout and whistle the roof off of the dome!

GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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