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lumm0x 09-08-2003 03:09 PM

Questions and answers?
After the preseason and yesterday we all know the questions. I know I have a list of items that I would be addressing this week. I would like to know from some of the members what they feel are some of the answers to the concerns we are facing. If you were the coach....what would you do?

BillyCarpenter1 09-08-2003 03:47 PM

Questions and answers?
If I were Haslett, I would come out wide open on offense. Trick plays, reverses, long passes. Doesn\'t matter if they are successful or not -- they would have something to worry about -- then I would go back to doing what we do best.

On defense -- I would blitz on running plays, passing plays, punting plays. I would blitz unitl it started hurting us.

I would also practice screen plays in practice until we get it down.

Beyond that -- I don\'t know.

BigBull45 09-08-2003 03:53 PM

Questions and answers?
First I would challenge the heart and soul of every player on this team.those who are up to the challenge will produce, those who are not won\'t be here for long.No more excuses for anyone.we have no choice but to play with the players we are given,so we have got to make the best of it.If our backups aren\'t good enough to play then they shouldn\'t be here.I would be blatantly honest with Brooks,and tell him if he can\'t carry this team on his shoulders I\'ll find someone who can.Our recievers will stay late after practice and practice catching everyday until they improve.the defense wil stay and practice tackling everyday until they improve.I\'m not here to be everyones friend I\'m here to produce a fundamentally sound football team.everyone will learn to communicate with one another on a regular basis.I\'m tired of everyone blowing smoke up the public\'s behind.If it\'s a spade we\'re going to call it a spade.I\'ll take full responsponsibility for the production of this football team.Underachieving will not be tolerated.If you are an underachiever you will be called out in front of everyone.However overachieving will be commended and will be rewarded.Everyone will be ready to play when called upon.our minds will be sharp,if not then you will be pulled and someone else will play in your spot.the public pays alot of money to see a winner out there on the field and we\'re gonna give them their money,s worth.Without their support we can\'t get paid,and I\'m not about to lose my paycheck.It all starts right here,and it all ends right here.There are no excuses.

once I get everyones respect,then we can start working on becoming a solid unit.

If our coaches can\'t get the most out of our players then they will also be gone,and someone else will coach in their place.That means no more being friendly.light a fire under their behinds and make\'em hungary.This is a business,not a place of friendship.we can be friends off the field,at work we will be all business.We will winn.

This whole team will win.No exceptions,no excuses.

FWtex 09-08-2003 05:56 PM

Questions and answers?
BigBull, the only thing you left out was that while he is saying that he is walking around the locker room grabbing their balls and squeezing as hard as he can to make sure he has their attention.

subguy 09-08-2003 07:00 PM

Questions and answers?
Haslett should do all he can now to protect his carrer as a Saint\'s coach. It would be difficult to motivate a group of adult\'s who are well paid. First, if Brooks is f\'ing up I think you cannot be scared to pull him. Bouman needs to start getting more practice reps to get Brooks attention. Second, I would pray that Horn\'s knee injury is not sreious. Third, I would be stress to my offense that they need to score 40 points per game because we couldn\'t catch an elephant in a phone booth with our tacklers on D.

saintz08 09-08-2003 07:11 PM

Questions and answers?
Is resignation an option ???

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