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stockman311 01-18-2010 02:21 PM

The Saints will win this Sunday and here's why
We want it more. We are hungrier. That's it.

The entire city of New Orleans is like an atom bomb that is going to drop full force on the Vikings. We are like Phil Collins song "In the Air Tonight"

#9 is hungrier than their QB. He devotes his life to this team and city. He's not a mercenary that showed up right as training camp was breaking.

Our Defense is sick and tired of getting thrown under the bus nationally.

We have not lost a game with Greer and Porter in the lineup. Those two have allowed 1 TD this year against them (A pushoff by Rodey White on Greer) You think Sidney Rice isn't concerned?

We have Sean Payton. They have Brad Childress. That's worth a TD right there.

Minnesota's best bet would be to try and pound us over and over with Peterson, but Brett Favre is a attention whore and is unwilling to not be THE STAR in this game. I forsee two INT's and a Fumble for him

Reggie is peaking at just the right time. I actually called his punt return for a TD right before it happened. You can just tell he got his burst back with those three weeks of rest.

Those are the reasons we are going to win. I'm not sure what kind of party Miami thinks they are going to throw for the SB, but I have already bought my plane ticket to NOLA for the Superbowl. That's where the real party will be!

neugey 01-18-2010 04:11 PM

Re: The Saints will win this Sunday and here's why
1) Their corners versus our receivers.

Antoine Winfield is a beast, but he's battling injuries and 5'9". Bennie Sapp and Cedric Griffin are good, but 5'9" and 6'0" respectively.

Coverage may sometimes be tight, but Meachem and Colston should be able to use their size and leverage.

2) Presuming Shockey is ok, he's going to be a tough cover for their rookie MLB.

3) Vikings actually looked a little vulnerable to the run. Felix Jones gashed them for 5 yards a carry and I thought the Cowboys should've ran it more. If Saints call most of the runs the outside or off-tackle and stay away from the Williams wall, that could be key.

4) Adrian Peterson has been contained in a lot of games this season. It's not going to be easy for the Saints to do, with a suspect run D. But at least there are a lot of successful blueprints and game film for GW to examine.

5) Saints have generally better return and coverage teams for kicks and punts.

6) The Superdome and the super-loud Who Dats.

saintsfan1976 01-18-2010 04:36 PM

Re: The Saints will win this Sunday and here's why
Deja vu, anyone???

Prevent pressure to Brees and get pressure on Favre.

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