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BillyCarpenter1 09-09-2003 10:06 PM

Dolphins and Saints fans sound a lot alike

Found this to be so close to what was being said here on this board, I just had to post it.

Maybe it's just interesting to me, but anyway if ya want to read it click on the link.

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qball316 09-09-2003 10:49 PM

Dolphins and Saints fans sound a lot alike
Someone should start a forum for all the fans that can NEVER win! It would be great, it would include the fans of teams like the Saints, Lions, Bengals, Dolphins, Colts, Cardinals, and even the Bills. Team that can never conquer that damn \"Hill\" thats in front of them. Here\'s and example of each team\'s \"Hill\":

Saints=we all know
Lions=They\'ve been horible for a long time
Bengals= \" \" \" \" \" \" \" \" \" \" \" \"
Dolphins=They have the \"Late Season Colapse Syndrome\" just like us
Colts=can\'t buy a playoff win
Cardinals= see Lions and Bengals
Bills=A stretch of four straight SuperBowls only to LOSE everyone!

Bottom line is, We aren\'t alone in the league so lets just keep \"spirit\" (or whatever you want to call it) going.

lumm0x 09-09-2003 11:05 PM

Dolphins and Saints fans sound a lot alike
Interesting yeah...I sympathized with this post in the thread:

Expo, are you one of those granola eating Californians that no matter what happens you can always say,\"groovy,\" and hop back on your skateboard. Some fans have major passion and hurt very badly when this team loses. It\'s not so easy to shake off, I had big expections going into this game. My hopes were very high and the loss compounded with the horrible manner in which we lost cuts deep. I wish I could laugh it off but that\'s just not going to happen. I\'ll put it past me over the next couple days and I\'ll be ready to root my heart out vs. the Jets but that\'s about the best I can do. I\'m pretty far from emotionally unstable as you infer speaking of fans that take a Dolphin loss very hard , I root hard and I\'m not some Orange County lightweight. The way people react to a loss is their business, bottom line.

BillyCarpenter1 09-10-2003 06:36 AM

Dolphins and Saints fans sound a lot alike
What I find interesting is that the Miami fans are convinced that they will not make it to the playoffs and they are blaming the failures on the QB, coaching, and play calling. The Maimi fans are going to great lengths to bash their team and are not only convinced that the Dolphins will not go to the playoffs but are trying to explain to the believers why they will not go.

I think most members on here would agree that the dophins are a talented team and have a very realistic chance of going to the playoffs regardless of their loss to Huston. But if you listen to some of the Dolphins fans they would try to make you beleive that because of their late season collapse the last couple of years that the team is doomed.

This a team that went out and signed a bunch of those big name free agenst y\'all wanted. Just to name a few : Ricky Williams, Junior Seau, and Sammy Knight. Now the Dolphins fans are extemely worried that those players were mistakes and it\'s going to hurt the Dolphins for years to come because of the salary cap. Hmmmmm.

My personal observation on their situation is the same one I have on the Saints fans. The dolphins fans are making much more out of losing the first game and the late season collapses they experienced are irrelevant to the Dolphins success this year. I also beleive that the Doplhins and Saints fans should let both their teams play a few more games before they start telling everyone how bad they suck. Just my opinion.

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