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SaintStoneyMount 10-10-2002 09:14 AM

NFL week 6 Pics.
Allright. Now that we are starting to settle in this season and we have enough stats to analyse games without looking at last season (which we can see don't count) Let's see who will step up to the plate and list their picks. Who is the real guru on this board. Saintz08 (gotta call you out cause you hard on my man Brooks (lol) you should be g ood at this. Maybe Halo can keep track. Starting now everyone is 0-0-0. Just list your pics on the board and evryone keep track. I might put my record in my signature...if I do well. If not I might not even mention this again. So anyway if your in your in. Just for fun. me for side bets lol

Okay here we go

Saint Stoney Mount's Pick Week Six

New Orleans over Washing ton :D
Giants over Atlanta :D
Buffalo over Houston
Green Bay over New England :exclam:
Pittsburh over Cincy :casstet:
San Diego over Kansas City :o
Miami over Denver
Baltimore over Indy
Dallas over Carolina :exclam:
Jacksonville over Tennessee :o
SF over Seattle :mad:
Oakland over da lambs :D

whodatsaintsfan26 10-10-2002 02:16 PM

NFL week 6 Pics.
Here we go:
Saints over redskinns
giants over falcons
buffalo - texans
pats - pack
pitt - bungholes
dever - miami
indy - baltimore
dallas - carolina
tenn - jacksonville
sf - seattle
oakland - st louis

FWtex 10-10-2002 07:57 PM

NFL week 6 Pics.
I\'m in.


saintz08 10-11-2002 11:32 AM

NFL week 6 Pics.
Alright I am in .
Hopefully I can hit more of these then Brooks can hit the bomb .

Saints over the Deadskins :hallucine:
Falcons over the Giants :o
Bills over the Texans ;)
Patriots over the Packers :P
Steelers over the Bungles :cool:
Chargers over the Chiefs :cool:
Broncos over the Dolphins :D
Ravens over the Colts :o
Panthers over the Plowboys :D
Jags over the Titans :D
49ers over the Seahawks :exclam:
Raiders over the Rams :P

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