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WhoDat 09-14-2003 03:33 PM

GATOR BITES (2nd Half Summary)
Agreed completely. Complete turn around in the second half. Let\'s hope that they can keep this up. Defense was flying all over the place and making plays. I\'d like to see less INTs dropped, but... and let\'s not forget that this is HOUSTON, but, still much better play.

The offense came alive and really took it to \'em. I was really glad to see that. AND - I will be the FIRST to say that Brooks played a very good game. The only things I can say is that I\'d like to see a little better recognition of the play clock and still want to see him go through the progressions and look to someone other than Horn. Still - A+ plus play out of the O in the second half. Deuce is a stud. Brooks looked great. Horn is unstoppable. Stallworth is a playmaker, and Conwell showed his value in the middle of the field (and in the red zone).

Great turn around - I\'m very happy to see it. Go Saints.

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