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tweeky 09-15-2003 07:35 AM

For what its worth...
Great game against a team we were supposed to beat. We're a game behind were we should be. A Tennessee win puts us back on the 10-6 projection path.
Here's some of my thoughts...for what its worth

Well is pretty obvious why Tebucky Jones isn't a WR, but he layed some solid licks on people out there today.
Man would I'd love to have a 27 year old Darrin Smith right now.
The next time I complain about Joe Horn, at all, somebody kick me in the groin.
The DL looked as solid as any I've seen here in a long while. Quality six deep.
How can Aaron Brooks look so bad one half, then so phenomenal the next?
Is anyone else still worried about McCarthy's playcalling?
Was there EVER any doubt the Saints were gonna get screwed on that 1st Replay?
Does it look like Stallworth almost drops his endzone-spikes too?
This may be the 1st game I saw Deuce actually miss open holes.
This was the most inspired I've seen this team play in years.
Football speed?: See Michael Lewis easily catching JJ Moses.
In two games, Jay Bellamy has 3 more tackles than Takeo Spikes.
David Carr will be a superstar.
That pump fake by Aaron was all-pro-esque.
Anyone else feel relieved Haz didn't go for two at any point in the game?
Anybody else think Miami regrets letting Rodgers go?
If we keep losing players on defense, the December slide may occur a lot earlier.

As of today the Saints MVP is Mr. Joe Horn.

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