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BillyCarpenter1 09-15-2003 08:18 AM


Houston Chronicle

Trailing Houston 10-7 at intermission, the Saints had to rally around the halftime words of offensive lineman Wayne Gandy before dominating the Texans in the second half of a three-touchdown victory.

"He (Gandy) made some clear points," said wide receiver Joe Horn, who had 10 catches for 111 yards. "He had every man look in the mirror and look at himself.

"This game boils down to one man against one man. If you can leave after four quarters and your man whipped your butt all day long, then it is hard to go to practice the next day and know that you lost. Every guy was called out today, and every guy had to step up and respond.

BrooksMustGo 09-15-2003 11:20 AM

I\'m just going to start :hallucine:Brooks:hallucine: bashing early in anticipation of the weekend.

Why don\'t we ever hear about the space cadet ever providing any leadership?

We hear lots about Joe, or Kyle(in the old days), or even Willie(in the older days), but never anything about :hallucine:Brooks:hallucine:;what\'s up with that?

unsaintly77 09-15-2003 11:47 AM

With a name like BMG you have set yourself up for back lash, you have been proven wrong in the past two weeks. You may cross a line where to come back you will have to gorge on crow. Also i have noticed you and your group of Brooks Bashers have grown smaller and quite. Give a week or two and the only thing you will want to talk about is Takeo. :P

lumm0x 09-15-2003 12:07 PM

Brooks looked focused in the second half of this game. He stood on the sidelines congradulating the defense as they came off the field. He didn\'t sit on the sidelines talking and laughing or putting a towel over his head. He actually for one of the first times was not acting aloof or seemingly care-free. While he has had very good days in the past, he seemed to have them even while having fun. This was one of the first times he seemed to be upset with the fact that we were losing and that we were being fairly ineffective offensively in the first half. Very impressive second half by Brooks, and even if we would have ended up without the same second half I was impressed he seemed to take a more involved role and a more focused apprearance.

One thing that caught my attention...did anyone see the Jets take the field against the Dolphins? Chad Pennington ran out with the offense and was right in the faces of every player on both sides of the ball head butting them and pumping them up. He looked fiery and he impresses me with his leadership ability. If only he had the pure talent of a guy like Brooks he would be a complete package.

unsaintly77 09-15-2003 12:15 PM

Not every person thinks the same speaks the same or lead there offense the same, brooks doesnt have to get into grown mens faces and yell, they know when the drop passes like conwell did in first half of houston game. They feel like S*** already. The coaches saw, the defense, the 68000 fans. They dont need the quarterback to tell them what a bad move they made LAST play. You move on that is what seperates professional and non professional. Aaron cant yank a player out of the line up at will or because they didnt catch the ball that is the coaches job. Paycheaks is the motivatior not some young quarterback trying to pass blame.

lumm0x 09-15-2003 12:45 PM

You\'re absolutely right that people lead in different ways. Marino used to lead by calling players out and demanding the most from their effort, and letting them know when he sees they didn\'t give it. Montana would quietly have a chaty, a little pep talk and then try to set an example. People motivate in different ways, and people get motivated in different ways. But one thing I know for certain is that attitude is contagious. If 9 people walk around depressed all day, by the end of the day the 10th will be depressed as well. Misery loves company. 9 guys fired up will usually fire up the 10th more than his thinking of his pay cheque will. Like it or not, players need someone who is on the field to rally around and it\'s always better if it\'s someone who can individually showcase his difference in the game. Ie.. a QB more so than a OL.

unsaintly77 09-15-2003 01:41 PM

Lum who is it that you are referring to has a depressed attitude or bad attitude. We bashed the guy for smiling. He has played better than any quarterback has for the saints and he is not even done. So now he does not smile as much, we thank as fans we done good by making him not smile, but the day he loses his smile for good is the day he loses his love for the game. You ever did something that you didnt like to do vs something you did like to do. Be careful of what we wish for. Look at the caliber of quarterbacks you have to compare to brooks, thats a compliment for him thats for sure. Hall of Famers. Isnt there a guy on here who goes on and on about canton ohio and how sarcastic he is that brooks will never go. Time will tell ;)

lumm0x 09-15-2003 01:56 PM

My comments were not meant to rag on Brooks again. I was complimenting his focus in this last game. I was complementing the fact that he was involving himself with the other players on the sidelines by giving high fives and acknowledging their efforts with his enthusiasm. I\'m not saying he hasn\'t done it before, but there are many games where he doesn\'t do it at all. I will gladly state that he is the best QB the Saints have ever had, in current talent, in potential and in production. No arguements at all.

Whether Brooks becomes a hall of fame QB or not is up to him and the effectiveness of his team mates and coaches. I don\'t think many will say he can\'t get there, but many will question if he will. Brooks\' attitude is not bad and I wasn\'t referring to the fact that it was. I was making a comment that teams often rid themselves of \"locker room poisons\" because attitudes are contagious. In that statement I was making a comparison that Brooks \"seems\" to be very care-free and aloof. While I am strictly a fan and can only go by the evidence that presents itself in media and by weighing my opinion the merit I give what I see and read, I see Brooks as generally a likable guy, but not talking much seriously. Attitudes being contagious, I see him as subtly influencing those around him to be less serious than they may be if he was firing them up and challenging them to give it a little more. If you don\'t feel the same about this then no problem. Speaking from personal experience in team sports and football as well, I don\'t get too motivated by someone that isn\'t appearing focused or serious. Frankly it pisses me off and makes me question the person\'s commitment. Standing in a huddle myself I would tell the person \"don\'t smile until we\'re celebrating\". Play football.

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