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Saintswrath 02-02-2010 05:48 AM

What is the best host city for the Super Bowl?
Dan Pompei, Chicago Tribune
What makes the ideal Super Bowl city? It has to be someplace where you can count on really nice weather. It has to be a city that can handle crowds in terms of its roads, airport, restaurants and bars. It has to be someplace where there is a big central area where people can congregate and party. And it helps if it has a modern stadium with all the amenities. The closest city to filling all of those qualifications is Miami. Sun Life Stadium isnít the best, but itís better than many. Coming to Miami just makes people feel good. Many people may say New Orleans is better, but you canít count on golf weather there in February. Tampa isnít bad, nor is Phoenix. And San Diego would be best of all if the city had a decent stadium.

Mike Berardino, South Florida Sun Sentinel
Iím tempted here to say New Orleans, which has hosted the Super Bowl nine times (second on the all-time list) and, even post-Katrina, still does big events like no other town. There is, after all, only one Bourbon Street. Just ask John Matuszak and the old-school Oakland Raiders.
Once-sleepy Arizona is coming on strong as a game site, thanks to that gorgeous new stadium in Glendale, and Tampa Bay is certainly deserving of a fifth crack at the big game. San Diego has the best weather, but the stadium is a dump.
In the end, the answer is obvious.
When you take all factors into account Ė location, weather, convenience, nightlife, infrastructure and, yes, facililty (sorry, Roger Goodell) Ė how can any place compete with South Florida?

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Saint_LB 02-02-2010 05:56 AM

Re: What is the best host city for the Super Bowl?
I want to say New Orleans...but I can't. With the city being below sea level, you just can't promise that a big rain storm on Sunday isn't going to crash the party.

I think the best place for the SB would be somewhere centrally located so all fans could get to it relatively easy...unless you are in Hawaii or Alaska, and those guys don't even have teams.

Saintswrath 02-02-2010 06:07 AM

Re: What is the best host city for the Super Bowl?
I like Arizona. ... Honestly.. of course i want New Orleans to win all of the Superbowl Bids it can possibly win, i know after 2013 that'll all come to an end if No New Stadium is built within the next few bidding processes.

We all over the Superdome, but you have to admit, she's old, and showing her age every day, i don't care how much new skin they put on her, or how many upgrades such as windows and paint they lay on her, inside she's falling apart, and no where near as good as the new stadiums they're starting to roll out now, Arizona and Cowboys new stadium's set a bar on how Stadiums will look in the next decade and unfortunately once the NFL play a Superbowl in all of these new stadiums that are being built *including what will be built in LA* it'll be hard to look at New Orleans other than for Nostalgia reasons.. I think the Superdome have another good 5-10 years of good life in her before it's just time to move on to a new Facility, i think they should keep the Superdome though and not doze her, as far as holding conventions, fairs, concerts and college ball games in i think it'll be excellent to have for that, but they should start looking at another area to build a top of the line state of the art new Stadium (and make sure it's still in the downtown area )
The Iberville Projects location would be PERFECT! if they can get past the preservationist and protesters putting a Large Stadium there (retractable roof and all) with a Large Park around it would do that entire area some good.

Choupique 02-02-2010 06:08 AM

Re: What is the best host city for the Super Bowl?
Somewhere in Jamaica?

lildood 02-02-2010 06:09 AM

Re: What is the best host city for the Super Bowl?

nogumbo4u 02-02-2010 08:18 AM

Re: What is the best host city for the Super Bowl?
What really needs to be considered from a planning and coordination perspective is what goes on around the game. Essentially, you have a week's worth of activities and only 3-4 hours of gametime. So, it has to be a place that (a) has a centrally located area where the visitors can party without bothering the locals and (b) has the infrastructure to handle the crowds of people to include a police force that understands how to deal with crowd control.

Between Mardi Gras, Jazzfest and all of the other parties New Orleans has all year long you definately have the infrastucture and police force. What better place is suited for visitors to party than the French Quarter? There is a reason why we have hosted so many times.

When you consider people are coming in for days and only spending a few hours in the stadium, I think, the vote will go to the better city and not the better stadium.

My vote is New Orleans!! Only city like it in the world...

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