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BrooksMustGo 09-15-2003 10:22 PM

Saints Insiders?
Hey everyone,

I saw this in the whispers section at

Some Saints insiders are starting to question whether QB Aaron Brooks can ever become a consistent starter in the NFL, because he continues to make the same mistakes that he has made in the past two years and doesn’t seem to be learning anything from his struggles.

Somebody call 911 for Billy, I'm sure he's just had an aneurysm.

saintz08 09-15-2003 10:40 PM

Saints Insiders?
Anerysum ?

Nah , just want their credentials and then will call them dilusional . Might add them to his crow buffet list though ......

BrooksMustGo 09-16-2003 07:58 AM

Saints Insiders?
I bet it\'s Mike Sheppard, he should know more than anybody. ;)

tweeky 09-16-2003 08:03 AM

Saints Insiders?
I\'m not taking the bait :D

BrooksMustGo 09-16-2003 09:24 AM

Saints Insiders?
I\'m really starting to get VERY concerned about Billy. Somebody might want to stop over on Ursuline and make sure he\'s OK.

WMRebel85 09-16-2003 12:44 PM

Saints Insiders?
How about \"Brooksmustgo\" must go!!

unsaintly77 09-16-2003 01:23 PM

Saints Insiders?
BMG what game will it take for you to lay off of brooks and admit he is a top 5 quarterback, if you say never. Then drop it because you are becoming redundant with the subject. Every time you bring up brooks in a negative light you back it up with nothing just to say you dont like him. I think you might be racist or know nothing about the quarterback posistion. Better yet suggest what quarterback we can get remember not the fantasy league the real one.

saintz08 09-16-2003 01:57 PM

Saints Insiders?
Rather narrow minded to limit posts too only pro Brooks posts , isn\'t it ???

Especially since the season started , 8 quarters have been played . Brooks lived up to his billing in 2 of those quarters . Enough of a dropoff , to even have the sports writers take note .

Note the Source : Saints insiders , those within the organization are questioning Brooks . So we as fans are not supposed to do what some within the organization have already begun doing ????

BillyCarpenter1 09-16-2003 02:10 PM

Saints Insiders?
saintz08 -- If i\'m not mistaken that article was written before the season even started. They were talking about the end of the season collapse, when Brooks was hurt. Dude, you want to talk about narrow minded. I think your only purpose here is to constantly bash Aaron Brooks. Most of the posts on this board are about Aaron Brooks sucks and half of those are yours. You don\'t see the Brooks supporters constantly bringing up how great he is. Now, some of us defend him, but the point is we don\'t go posting how great he is.

How many times are you going to say Aaron Brooks sucks??? I\'ve lost count already!!

tweeky 09-16-2003 02:23 PM

Saints Insiders?

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