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Halo 02-07-2010 05:14 PM

New Orleans Prepares for a Black and Gold Super Bowl
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And You Thought Mardi Gras was the Big Party This Year

New Orleans is a city that has suffered through so much heartache and despair for years and years. Things have just gotten so incredibly horrible that people were in tears, pulling out their hair from the stress, and wondering what on earth they could do next. Dealing with what is laid before the people has gotten so bad at times that they just appear lost and unable to comprehend how things will go next year or even just from one week to the next. No, I'm not talking about everything that has gone on with Hurricane Katrina, Mayor Ray Nagin, or the declining economy. My words are aimed at a city that has lived through the seasons of the New Orleans Saints.

Super Bowl XLIV is upon us and the people in the city are really eating up the fact that their Saints are in it after years of disappointment and underachieving. I'm a fan that has watched the Saints for over 25 years of my 30 on this earth and I've lived through the three win seasons, constant injuries, downhill slides after fantastic starts, and players that never lived up to the hype. This is a year when the city is in an uproar because their Saints will be playing the Indianapolis Colts in the biggest game of the season and the locals have certainly made a point of celebrating like only they know how.

Seeing this city in all its glory with my own two eyes has been simply phenomenal. I love driving around and seeing the Christmas decorations every years because the store windows, sidewalk cafes, and light posts look so festive and in the season. I go anywhere in the city now and that same festiveness is every where to be seen only now instead of trees, presents, and Santa Claus; you see jerseys, helmets, and Gumbo the dog.

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