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Attention: B&G Members

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; i thought my days on the net was done till i found this awesome site. thanks to all that make it so fun. st thomas...

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Re: Attention: B&G Members

i thought my days on the net was done till i found this awesome site.
thanks to all that make it so fun. st thomas

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Re: Attention: B&G Members

Originally Posted by subguy View Post
I must say that I am happy to be associated with this forum and the best Saints fans around! Since I joined in 2002 I have seen alot of folks come and go and I myself have not always been as active as I should've been. That does not diminsh the fact that this is the best Forum and the best Fans! Halo thanks for the quality years and giving us a place to express our many frustrations and now finally our joy!

Who Dat!!
WHO DAT !!! When there was nothing. I found the Black and Gold and found of bunch of GREAT Saints Fans, the Greatest Saints fan from all over the world.

Congradulation to All The SAINTS Fans. Remember JoeSAM God Bless !!!

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Re: Attention: B&G Members

I sometimes worry that I spend too much time on this site. Not only do I have a life, I have about 4 lives--- 5 kids, my unusual day job, my wedding biz, my bizarre assortment of family & friends, & hobbies...

But this in no ordinary website. This is not a bunch of basement trolls playing "pwn you," and randomly wasting time with idiocy. blackandgold.com is exactly what I wanted from my old fan site, but didnt get. It is an online tailgate party. We can, and have used it as a social organizer, and a uniter of fans.

For instance, we were prepared to fight the NFL's recent WhoDat controversy, by beginning an unusual protest which I am certain would have attracted much attention. I also know you had much to do with keeping fans up to date and involved back in '05, when N.O. was in danger of losing the team.

A good number of us are real life friends now, and while most of this will always be online, I believe the real-life contact & activity generated from this site will grow, until, who knows? We could someday become a Mardi Gras krewe.

This is why the drama & hate found on the rest of the net is much, much smaller here. You are a real person. People know your face. You are responsible for your words. I am going to propose some ideas soon, which could strenghthen the "real life" factor. This might make B&G less interesting to the casual net surfer looking for Jerry Springer type entertainment, but could, in my mind, make us a true media factor. We deserve to be.

Thanks, Halo. The Celebration has just begun.

Player To Be Named Later
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Re: Attention: B&G Members

Originally Posted by skymike View Post
We could someday become a Mardi Gras krewe.
Say it ain't so.... LOL
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Re: Attention: B&G Members

Originally Posted by saintfan View Post
It was a great ride, made even better by being able to come here and share it with the likes of ForeverFan, Skymike, Exile, Danno, Papz, CharamieIII, Joanientx, Breesfan, UK_WhoDat, Saint_LB, Strato, CantonLegend, FireVenturi, B_Dub_Saint, Pakowitz, Turbo Saint, and so many others I've come to know through our Saints home on the internet.

Thank you Halo, for making this place what it is today. What a ride!

WHO DAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks... We love Zooey Too!
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Re: Attention: B&G Members

It's the only message board I've ever been a part of - for a reason.

Thanks to everyone who have contributed to the site.

Looking back, this Saints season was historic in many ways and it truly was the ride of a lifetime.


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Re: Attention: B&G Members

I thought my forum days were done but this is a good crew with a deep love for not only the Saints but also the city of New Orleans and the game of football. Enjoyed meeting a lot of you this weekend. Hopefully we can do it again next year. Looking forward to the home opener already, where we will be introduced as the DEFENDING SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS!!!
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Im BACK!!!!!
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Re: Attention: B&G Members

Originally Posted by foreverfan View Post
Say it ain't so.... LOL
by the way, you were completely right about Pat O's. It was as much of a mosh pit as Bourbon St. Next time I'll listen more carefully to you!
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Re: Attention: B&G Members

This site is somewhat addictive. The people who post here are very sharp and know their stuff. What a great place to be a part of.
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Re: Attention: B&G Members

Totally agreed. I have been on this board for a long time, though I am like a ghost when the season is on, I usually come here to talk Saints Football in the offseason when my friends look at me like I'm crazy because I'm jonesing for football talk in March.

But this isn't just any Saints message board. This is a place with some of the best fans and best discussion on the net. All of my local friends are recent fans, no one was much into football until right before the Drew Brees era. This win was big for them, but I know it means much much more to the tried and true fans here.

I revel in sharing this victory with all of you, since of everyone I know, it means the most to the people here. Cheers to you all my friends, we have waited long and faithfully, and now our Saints and Super Bowl Champions!



"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so." -- Douglas Adams.
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