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BillyCarpenter1 09-19-2003 09:48 AM

Archie: Saints should follow Colts' script to beat Titans


Archie: Saints should follow Colts' script to beat Titans
02:50 PM CDT on Thursday, September 18, 2003

Jim: You saw the Colts beat the Titans last week. How’d they do it?

Archie: Well, it was sort of a grudge game. The Titans had beaten them three straight times so they played the Titans type of game and got physical with them. They fell behind early but then took control of the game and just beat them at their own game. The Titans are a physical team and the Colts just answered that.

Jim: In part by keeping it on the ground – 30 carries for 120 yards for Edgerrin James.

Archie: James is back healthy, but they weren’t easy yards. However, they were effective yards, and it was good, effective running, giving them good balance. It helped the Colts’ play-action, but they didn’t have to throw a lot and play catch up. They just kind of kept the chains moving and didn’t have a lot of the 3rd and longs that the Titans like to get you into.

Jim: You look at the Titans offense and Eddie George is averaging less than three yards a carry and has a long run of 11 yards. Is he the same guy he was a couple of years ago?

Archie: No, I don’t think he’s the same guy. But, I saw a couple of runs when he looked fresh and in good shape. They had an injury to one of their guards up front and they didn’t seem to have the threats at receiver that they’ve had. McNair had a bad knee and didn’t run so the Colts were able to control the tempo and that’s what the Saints want to do Sunday.

Jim: Have you ever had a dislocated ring finger on your throwing hand? How do you think it will affect McNair?

Archie: I knew he would come back and play. He always does. It probably hurts just a bit with the grip, but I think the fact that he couldn’t run effectively hurt them.

Jim: Next week the Saints take on the Colts.

Archie: They do? Do you have any tickets?

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