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SuperbowlSaints 09-19-2003 09:28 PM

Brooks must NOT go!!!
as far as i am concerned, brooks is the best QB we have ever had, archie manning was a great QB, and he couldn't do what brooks could, take us to the playoffs and win a game, and if you remember correctly, for most of that playoff game, we were without our primary wide receiver, Joe Horn, what does that say about Brooks, it says a lot, it says that with brooks, even without our primary wideout, he can still lead us to a victory.

JOESAM2002 09-19-2003 09:35 PM

Brooks must NOT go!!!
Don\'t go there. Archie didn\'t have nearly the surrounding cast that Brooks has. Archie spent most of his Saints life running for his life. No way can you compare Archie and AB.

SuperbowlSaints 09-19-2003 09:42 PM

Brooks must NOT go!!!
true, and i know that, and i beleive that if archie would have had the offense we have now he probably would have led us to a playoff game or more, but what i am trying to say, is that brooks has that potential as well, and he does have the offense, i think AB is just as good or better than archie, and of course this is just my opinion, but i do think that it took a lot of talent from brooks to lead the 2000 saints to that win over the Rams, especially, sense we didn\'t have horn, and we didn\'t have Ricky, that is all i am tryin to say.

saintz08 09-20-2003 01:28 AM

Brooks must NOT go!!!
I think you are knocking Hebert a little short .

Hebert lead the Saints to the playoff 3 times .

Back to back in 91 and 92 . He never produced the win for what may be now considered a Mora lead teams fault .

Why is the most famous saying from that Saints playoff win , not Brooks leads another perfect drive down the field to score but is\" Hakim drops the ball \"?

SuperbowlSaints 09-20-2003 10:14 AM

Brooks must NOT go!!!
i have only been watching the saints for 4 years, i know a lot about their history, but i don\'t know anything about Herbert, and yes, you are right about the hakim thing, but i still think it took a good bit of talent from brooks to keep us in that game with Horn and Ricky out, i don\'t think we had the explosive offense that we have now, so if that is the case, it took even more talent from Brooks, and i think he was only a 2nd year player, he has a lot of potential, and i think we are going all the way this year, because of our offense, and our much improved defense.

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