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QBREES9 02-14-2010 01:04 PM

New Orleans is no one-year wonder
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It’s less than six months to training camp, New Orleans Saints fans, and it all starts over again. You know what a Super Bowl championship is like now. What is a post-Super Bowl season like?

Sometimes, Super Bowl champions do not even make the playoffs, but rest assured. The Saints will be there next season as the NFC South is not exactly a power.

What will follow the greatest Saints season in history? Probably the most hotly anticipated Saints season in history. And more playoffs.

Saints coach Sean Payton started looking to Super Bowl XLV — Feb. 6, 2011 in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas — on the morning after Super Bowl XLIV.

“Somewhere last night, we talked about Dallas, Texas, and one of the greatest stadiums that our league knows,” said Payton, a former Dallas Cowboys assistant. “And there’s probably never enough in regards to the challenge. That’s the neat thing about it.”

By the numbers, the 16-3 Saints won one more game last season than it did in 2007-08 combined (15-17), more than in the last three seasons of the 1990s (15-33), and more than in the first four seasons of their existence (14-40-2 from 1967-70).

But what the Saints have never done is win playoff games in back-to-back seasons. Only once have the Saints made the playoffs in consecutive seasons — 1990-92.

Now looks like the best time for the Saints to make their mark as a consistent playoff power for several years. The team that completed that 31-17 win over Indianapolis is in its prime. It is not young, nor is it old. The 2009-10 Saints had 31 players in the three-to-seven year range of experience. They can do it again, or get very close.

Quarterback Drew Brees will enter his 10th season next year, but that is still young in this era of protected quarterbacks playing into their late 30s. He is only 31 and he has shown no signs of doing anything but get better. That is when he’s not a guest of Letterman, Ellen, Oprah or Mickey Mouse. He looks like a multiple Super Bowl guy.

“When you’ve got a quarterback like Drew Brees, who’s in the prime of his career, it (one Super Bowl) is not enough,” Payton said.

New Orleans is no one-year wonder | | The News Star

OldMaid 02-14-2010 04:56 PM

Re: New Orleans is no one-year wonder
I like this article.
It was truthful.
It gives alot to thoink and post about.
The restriced free agents is something to thinkabout.
If they want to go elsewhere for the bigger pay, ok, but it will not be as good for them as it is now.
A low performing team will pick them up and pay the big millions.
As long as the core of this team stays in a while longer, I think the Saints will be a strong team.
The draft is coming up.
Whoknows whowill get and if the playercan live up to his draft hype.
You never know that.

I think the Saints will make it to next seasons' playoffs.
THey will be in the there, but for how long or to the NFC, and SB, who knows. Same goes for the Colts.


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