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BillyCarpenter1 09-20-2003 11:07 PM

My take on what tomorrow's game means
Every game in the NFL is important and tomorrow's game is no exception. The Saints need to win this game tomorrow for obvious reasons, but they also need to find out what kind of team they have. Let's face it -- This team is a complete mystery. Well, on defense anyway. I think most of us feel confident in the offense. But, the defense needs to prove it can shut down a quality offense. The Titans will provide an opportunity to do just that.

The Titans shoud have every reason to bring their A-game tomorrow, considering they got pounded by the Colts last week and they are playing at home to a sold out crowd. If this New Orleans Saints team can walk away with a win tomorrow, it shoud be a big confidence booster and help earn a little respect for the club. I don't think anyone should underestimate what confidence means to a team, especially a young team like the Saints.

This Saints teams needs to KNOW it is capiable of beating a quality opponent and start palying like they belong with the elite teams.

So, if the Saints win tomorrow -- Look out Colts -- If the Saints beat the Titans and Colts -- Look out NFL

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WhoDat 09-20-2003 11:52 PM

My take on what tomorrow's game means
I hate these next two games. Both of the teams tomorrow are schizo...

Are we going to see the Saints of the second half of the Texans game? Or the previous three halfs? Is the D really as good as it looked last week? Is the O capable of firing on all cylanders throughout a season? Will Lewis turn back into the threat he was last season? Will McCarthy spread this O and open it up, or will we see Deuce running 22 dives all game?

The Titans have their own questions. How much will the injuries affect them? Are they the team that beat up on the Raiders in week 1, or the one that got blown out by Indy last week? Is McNair going to continue to play like he\'s unbreakable? Is Eddie George really over the hill, or can he kick it back up? How much did the loss of a couple of key free agents on D hurt them? Etc. etc. etc.

Honestly, win, lose, or draw, I don\'t know how much this game can tell me. That\'s true of the Indy game too. I will say this, it should be a better measuring stick than Houston.

BillyCarpenter1 09-21-2003 08:17 AM

My take on what tomorrow's game means
WhoDat --

Seems every year the NFL gets more unpredictable. There are always a few teams that you KNOW are going to be in the hunt, but besides that, there seem to be a bunch of 8-8 teams that all need to prove they can pull away from the pack. You bring up an interesting observation, by saying you don\'t know how much these next 2 games will prove, because you don\'t know how good the Colts or the Titans are.

I understand what you\'re saying, but these are 2-teams that are considered above average. Think about the NFL and ask yourself what teams you consider better than the Colts and Titans. For me, it\'s very hard to say what teams are to be considered locks for the playoffs. But, I don\'t think if we win or lose, that it\'s going to tell us a whole lot. I think thats true of most teams we play.

The only way to really know what kind of team we have is to play enough games to see if we make the playoffs or not. But, along the way we will get a better idea of the of what kind of team we have, regardless of who the opponent is.

So, if we win, it doesn\'t mean we are a lock to go to the playoffgs, and if we lose it doesn\'t mean we will not go.

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whowatches 09-21-2003 08:22 AM

My take on what tomorrow's game means
I think this game will tell us whether or not we are schitzo.

Sure, the Titans have injuries, but over the past couple of years (since their Superbowl run) they have been very consistant. Look at how they turned around a rough start last year. The Titans are very well coached, so I believe we will see a true contest of coaching today. Each sideline willl have to make adjustments for missing starters.

Today will be an excellent barometer of how well our coaching staff can adapt. I think that applies to both sides of the ball. I\'d like to see us have a little offensive fire in the first half this week. Sure, the defense still has huge question marks, especially with the new slew of injuries, but the offense also has to prove that the second half of last week\'s game was a fluke.

I think they will.

Go Saints!!

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