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neugey 02-18-2010 06:28 PM

DB - most important position on team?
I was thinking about it ... in today's NFL, with the exception of the QB and MLB, the most important position is DB.

Here's why - RB,WR,TE,DL,OLB all get rotated or get some rest on the sideline based on the play formation. With today's pass-happy league, and the ability to teams to spread the field in the red zone and goal line, I don't think the two CB's and safeties really get to come off the field much at all.

If any of the four in the secondary do come off, due to injury or some reason, the sub will usually get picked on by the opposing offense - because he's either cold off the bench, unproven or not as talented. If they're exploited a few times badly, it could cost us the ballgame.

OL stay on the field all the time too, but it's a little easier to find competent subs and depth at the position. If they struggle badly, you can always help out with extra TE or blockers. Also they aren't asked to tackle and move at high speeds. They don't get injured quite as much and can play through injuries because they're not asked to run up and down the field all the time.

Add in the frequency of nickel and dime packages, and I think DB is where you gotta have the most depth and talent no doubt. I would even advocate that CB and S should be an emphasis this offseason, especially in the draft. Because good CB's and S's are hard to find - we can hold down the fort at other positions.

So glad we drafter Harper and Porter and picked up Greer and Sharper. Here's Hoping we keep/add to the "Dime Patrol" of Greer-Porter-Sharper-Harper-Jenkins-Gay!

CantonLegend 02-18-2010 10:42 PM

Re: DB - most important position on team?
someone on TV was talking about this a few days ago

he said if an alien landed on earth and he only had 1 minute to explain football to the alien he would talk about how the QB is the most important part of the team. Protecting the QB was the most important job which would mean the next most important job would be stopping the QB.

I completely agree with this assessment. Protecting the QB is the most important part of football and therefore the offensive line is easily the most important part of the team

with a good offensive line you can create a running game, you can keep a QB upright and you can make an average QB into a hall of famer simply by giving him enough time to find an open receiver

i like your argument that DBs are the next most important but DBs get rotated in and out more than any offensive lineman does. they dont stay on the field for the entire game.

the offensive line is involved in every single play regardless of whether its a pass or run.....the DBs are involved in those plays but play a far lesser role when the offense runs the ball

Euphoria 02-18-2010 11:37 PM

Re: DB - most important position on team?
100 percent agree with you Canton. You can have the greatest QB in the world but unless you can protect him and or create running lanes your offense is nothing.

Defense you can get by by having a great line and average secondary or vice versa and be solid.

When Manning thew the now famous INT he respected our DL and LB's because he knew the blitz was coming and he knew he had to get rid of the ball quicker because he wouldn't have time to second guess himself and just put it out there. DL and Secondary work hand in hand in a lot of ways a great secondary can make your DL look good vice versa.

D_it_up 02-19-2010 08:00 AM

Re: DB - most important position on team?

Originally Posted by CantonLegend (Post 209184)
Protecting the QB is the most important part of football and therefore the offensive line is easily the most important part of the team

Agreed. It all starts and ends in the trenches and only the strong survive.

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