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BillyCarpenter1 09-21-2003 01:31 PM

GATOR BITES (1st Half Analysis)
I agree with pretty much everything gator. The titans have tried every trick play in the book and we\'re still in the game. I have faith that we can pull this one out. Brooks is looking pretty sharp. If we open the offense up -- I think we\'ll be OK.

Go Saints ----------------------------

blake6900 09-21-2003 02:29 PM

GATOR BITES (1st Half Analysis)
If Jim Haslett is such a \"defense guy\" how come he hasn\'t figured out Rick Venturi is clueless? This guy is more of a defense uncoordinator than anything else...

blake6900 09-21-2003 02:55 PM

GATOR BITES (1st Half Analysis)
BTW, a very good defensive line makes an average secondary look like all-pros. While everyone seems to long for the good old days of last year when the offense put up a lot of points, the fact is defense wins championships. Now that the Saints offense appears to be sadly impotent, that becomes even more clear. Venturi has been a disappointment as a defensive coordinator. As the Peter Principle suggests, you should promote people to their level of incompetence. Haslet has done that and more with Venturi. He was questionable as a linebacker coach but there\'s no question he\'s over his head running the entire defense. And it\'s not just about injuries. That\'s why teams have a bench. Injuries weren\'t the problem last year either so we must determine the lowest common denominator and that\'s Venturi.
When the Saints finally fire Haslett, he\'ll look back at his career here and ask himself, \"Why did I keep Venturi around? What was I thinking?\" And we\'ll all answer, \"You weren\'t thinking...just like you weren\'t thinking last year when you left Brooks in at the end of the season.\" And then Haslett will probably end up badmouthing the team like every other jerk that\'s left it, ala Turley and Hawthorne...
The fact is that while the players who have to tackle and not make mental mistakes, the coaches are the ones who must determine which players are capable of that and which ones are not. Clearly Haslett is a poor judge of quality players more times than not. He needs to go and Venturi with him.
Maybe Benson should promote McCarthy to what would hopefully not be his level of incompetence. McCarthy will probably be gone next year so the owner better do something. I know, how \'bout this? Make Venturi the offensive coordinator...he couldn\'t do much worse than what he\'s done on the other side of the ball.
The next time Saints players and fans complain about no respect around the league and on television (no Monday Night Football, etc.), they can look at this game and remember that when the defense needed to stop the other guys, it couldn\' usual...What\'s new?!

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