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JudeThaddeus 09-21-2003 02:39 PM

Don't Panic
There's always next year.

For the record, though I have had problems with AB - today he played like a champion. He was precise with his passes, made no bad decisions, and used his legs well to make plays when he had to. In all, he is a totally different player than last year. Our problems on offense today are the line. They have been lethargic and ineffective all year so far. They've been touted as a talented bunch. I don't see it. DM is a spectacular running back and he has had almost nothing to work with all year. AB is always under pressure. Unless the line steps up, we are never gonna be the offense we were.

I know we are gutted by injury on defense. That is no excuse for what happened today. The coverage schemes called today did not match the situation and the Titans simply took advantage of their good fortune. We have no pressure on the QB and any NFL starter is gonna eat you alive when you are playing ten yards of the receivers and there is no pressure. Kind of shocking that Eddie George was able to run so effectively, as our "speed" was supposed to be the answer to that. It certainly doesn't do anything to help our LBs/DBs cover the pass.

Bad coaching on offense. Bad coaching on defense. Bad head coaching because he doesn't see it. It will be a long time before we are contender as the world at large seems sold on our current coaching staff. A real shame as I believe we have the talent to make a run right now - now that AB has matured.

I am so depressed...... :casstet:

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