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Reviewing Malcolm Jenkins....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; He's a corner and a very good ST player. Not going to make it as a Safety in my opinion. He'll turn out like Usama. Keep him at corner and let him grow into the position....

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Re: Reviewing Malcolm Jenkins....

He's a corner and a very good ST player. Not going to make it as a Safety in my opinion. He'll turn out like Usama. Keep him at corner and let him grow into the position.
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Re: Reviewing Malcolm Jenkins....

Sure, Jenkins had a few embarrassing moments on the field, but it is easy to get picked on when you are a rookie who is thrust into the starting line-up after the starters go out with injury. As a few have stated, he didn't have a full training camp. He's just getting his feet wet in the NFL and I think he's going to end up being a nice draft pick no matter where he ends up playing.
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Re: Reviewing Malcolm Jenkins....

From my couch he looked pretty darn good. I've never played cornerback in the NFL much less in a super bowl.

I think he is better than ya'll give him credit for. Coach Payton obviously likes the guy. That is enough for me.
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Re: Reviewing Malcolm Jenkins....

I think that he will stay at corner. I think another year or two and he will be starting.
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Re: Reviewing Malcolm Jenkins....

He is in a really good situation right now. It would be wise for the Saints to keep him at CB right now, but also get him some work at safety. He seems to do well as a nickel and dime back, it would be nice to get him some reps at safety while Sharper is still around. (If Sharper gets signed that is). Then can take another year or so to get a true feel on his best long term position. As for his rookie year, he played very well.
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Re: Reviewing Malcolm Jenkins....

every veteran corner will tell you that they got beat a countless number of times in their rookie season, hey look at tracy porter, yes he was a stud for a rookie in 2008, but he still got beat a number of times. HOWEVER look at what hes turned out like now, put him on your best receiver no questions asked. Malcolm will be fine, if he makes the move to safety then fine, i love the versatility he gives the D and his physicallity is awesome. If he does make the move, a couple years under sharper will do him a world of good

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Re: Reviewing Malcolm Jenkins....

Originally Posted by Saint_LB View Post
but we have seen him play CB...
And he was that bad as a rookie CB that you're saying he needs to switch positions? That's something that very few people can do. Usama tried it, and he's awful. I just don't really understand why there's such a push for him to change positions, something that could potentially ruin his career. Add on top of that the fact that nobody even knows if he can play safety, and it doesn't make sense to me. Why fix something that ain't really broken? If he struggles the next couple of years, then sure, I think that's something we should consider, but Malcolm played well in 2009. I'm not sure if we were watching the same player this season or not, but Jenkins looked pretty good for a rookie. He held his own and made some really good plays at times.
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Re: Reviewing Malcolm Jenkins....

Originally Posted by TheDeuce View Post
I just don't really understand why there's such a push for him to change positions, something that could potentially ruin his career.
I can give you 2 reasons...Greer and Porter. I want all of my good players on the field at the same time...and if I got a guy that can play CB, but it would benefit the team more if he played S...I would want that guy to be a team player.
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Re: Reviewing Malcolm Jenkins....

Jenkins will be fine. Nearly every time he got beat he either missed his jam or bit on a double. Thats something he will get better at with more experience.

And it was encouraging to see him make up the distance when he did get beat. It showed me that he does have pretty decent make-up speed.

For a 1st year CB there were enough good plays to convnce me he'll at least be a decent CB in this league, while I think he'd make an exceptional FS.. Oh and don't forget, he did play some safety at tOSU. Not sure how much though.

His main problem right now is playing behind Porter and Greer. I don't think either of those two hot shot rookies in Miami could crack that.

To get more playing time he'll have to play a lot of nickle/dime and FS packages.
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Re: Reviewing Malcolm Jenkins....

Safety...which isnt a bad thing...too slow for a cornerback..
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