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FWtex 09-22-2003 12:22 AM

Post Game Interviews
I forsee things getting ugly soon. HAZ has had a free ride by the media ever since he\'s been here because of the success they had his first year. I was tired of his excuses last year after making excuses the year before but I never heard anyone question HAZ about making excuses for the team.

As we all know when the media smells blood they will begin to feast. How will HAZ perform when the heat is turned up on him and the only way to cool it down is for the team to play better. Will he continue to cover with excuses or will he become a leader and do whatever it takes to make this team win?!

I don\'t see a win the next 2 weeks so its going to get ugly. Will he bench Brooks to get something started on offense? will he make a move on offensive play calling?

BigBull45 09-22-2003 05:19 AM

Post Game Interviews
Hey Haslett,I\'ve got a quote for you! \"Coulda,Woulda,Shoulda don\'t mean s**t ! We stink,and we ought to be ashamed!\"

It\'s time to take a long hard look at this coaching staff,and the players.It was said that you had one of the most intense practice weeks befor the game against Houston,and it kinda showed on the field.This week it looked like you barely prepared.There were miscues in every phase of the game.Tim Ryan made a comment during the game when the Titans got a first down on a fake punt play.\"I can\'t believe that the Saints didn\'t have their punt safe formation on the field in that situation.That\'s a common formation in that situation,and I can\'t believe that Everest didn\'t call that.\"The offensive line didn\'t play with any fire at all.The recieving corps as a whole isn\'t playing up to potential, (and don\'t start making excuses!Do something about it!).You guys can\'t even stick with the game plan for all of the first quarter for god\'s sake!On defense you\'ve got Venturi leaving the middle of the field wide open.I know we were trying to keep George from breaking loose,but he was effective anyhow.His straight ahead running allowed McNair to throw all over you.Why was Ambrose giving Bennett a 10 yard cusion on almost every play?Venturi\'s bend but not break defense is bending and breaking.You are going to have to intervene at some point and start calling some of the defensive plays.Put venturi on a short leashe,he is going to have to produce or be gone.

You need to stop the excuses and find a way to get your teams attention and focus!That includes the coaching staff!The fans aren\'t going to put up with these lacsidasical performances for much longer.

This organization bragged about how it broke the season ticket sales record,then proceeded to give us a subpar product on the field.Mr.Benson isn\'t going to be happy if fans decide not to renew their tickets for next season,and they find it hard to sell out games.

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