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BigBull45 09-22-2003 06:51 AM

It's Time For The Fans To Stand Up!
I think the fan's reactions can have alot of impact on what happens with this organization.After all, this organization can't survive without us.Sure they can pick up and move,but if they aren't going to give us a winning product,then why should we care?I've been a Saints fan since 1980 when I was a little boy.I've seen coaches come and coaches go,and the same with players.This organization has made some really good players and coaches look really bad.They come here with alot of promise,then leave with alot of hostility towards the organization,Could there really be something wrong with the way this organization is being run?I think Mr.Benson gets more excited over How much money he's making,rather than if this team is a bonified winner or not.We always seem to make bad decisions on talent.The coaching staffs can never seem to get the players to play as a team.we were on track when we had Mueller,Haslett,Zook,McCarthy,Bunting,Etc.Zook and Bunting get head coaching jobs at Florida and North Carolina,and Benson fires Mueller.He then promotes Loomis who is more of a contract negotiator than a talent coordinator.I wonder if Mr. Benson felt that Mueller was paying too much to put a winning product on the field.I'm sure if Mueller were still here,we would not be having to put up with this coaching staffs inability to keep this team focused.We wouldn't have players not playing up to their potential either.I think Mr. Benson needs to hire and keep football oriented people in positions of power and not business minded only people.Now you've got Haslett trying to be a talent scout and head coach which is too much for him to handle.We need someone else looking for talent ,and Jim needs to pay attention to keeping his team and coaching staff focused.Mueller would have already put his foot down on this staff's incompetence.Wake up Mr. Benson It's time to become a football team,and let the way the fans respond make your business succesful.With wins come ticket sales,Merchandise sales,Exposure(free advertising),Etc.I think it's time the fans let Mr. Benson know that we want a winner now and we aren't going to keep paying for a loser!

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jared21 09-22-2003 07:28 AM

It's Time For The Fans To Stand Up!
i\'m very dissapointed too. I mean i was expecting the saints too be good this year and it just doesn\'t look too good. I have never said anything bad about haslett but to be pefectly honest with yall, i\'m getting tired of hearing the excuses why we lost, maybe we just aint a good football team. We have a lot of talnet on our team especiallly offense and what are we doing with it.I just think the franchise is cursed..i really don\'t know but i do know one thing the saints never fail to dissapoint, i guess this year instead of getting my hopes up and crushing them at the end, they decided to start the pain early. Atleast i will be numb by the time december rolls around.

nocloning 09-22-2003 09:55 AM

It's Time For The Fans To Stand Up!

I think Mr.Benson gets more excited over How much money he\'s making,rather than if this team is a bonified winner or not.
That\'s where we disagree. Of course he wants to make sure he doesn\'t lose money with the franchise, but he also doesn\'t squeeze every penny out of it. Benson may not be the nicest man and some on this board have confirmed that from personal experience. I just don\'t see how he is \"cheap\" when it comes to the Saints. New indoor facility, some big contracts in the off-season and being reasonably close to the salary cap. Losing Zook was hardly Benson\'s fault, losing Mueller was his fault.
But what would happen if Steve Balmer wanted to turn Microsoft into an agricultural company giant? Would Bill Gates just look on? Mueller was taking not only the team but the whole franchise over and Benson likes to stay in control. Clash of personalities, Benson was the one with more power. It\'s unfortunate, but Benson didn\'t fire him because he was doing his job too well. Stop the conspiracy theories!
As long as he keeps the team in New Orleans he\'ll have to make some huge mistakes before I scream for a new owner.

BigBull45 09-23-2003 05:50 AM

It's Time For The Fans To Stand Up!
Mr. Benson runs this organization as if someone told him to buy the saints because it was a way to make easy money.He knows how passionate the fans in New Orleans are about the saints,and he uses it as a bargaining chip every chance he gets.He is known for using people to get what he wants.I know, I worked for him.If he would embrace his GM\'s instead of pounding his fist on the table and demanding that they do what is more cost efficient when it comes to certain issues,then we might be able to have some happy employee\'s here.I find it Ironic that every time a player goes somewhere else they seem much happier,and play with more passion for their team.Benson hasn\'t learned that you have to embrace people to get loyalty and production.Benson just wants a bunch of people in the front office kissing his butt.I guess that is the mentality you get when you spent your life screwing people.He was a car salesman you know. LOL !

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