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BucNup 09-22-2003 08:22 AM

Guys.... What happened?
I can't believe it. 8 carries, 11 yards? Or was it 11 carries 8 yards? Either or that's just not acceptable. I told someone that I thought this game would be the measuring stick for where the Saints are, IMO...

IF that's the case, you need to seriously think about what is it the Saints are trying to do, from a coachin standpoint....

Brooks looked ok from the highlights I saw. I just can't understand the low production in the run game.

Any insights?

tweeky 09-22-2003 08:27 AM

Guys.... What happened?
For some reason our coaches thought it was a good idea to run Deuce on a delay, against 7 & 8 man fronts for the entire 1st half!

Get the picture? A sad game. I\'m seriously doubting the coaching staff after this one.
It looked like we let them call our plays!

BigBull45 09-22-2003 08:28 AM

Guys.... What happened?
Titans put eight men in the box,or went with six man fronts and McCarthy chose to run up the gut anyway.He should have used the other four or five weapons to open the defense up.He refused to do so ,therefore the results were terrible.The Saints couldn\'t even stick with their gameplan through the first quarter. :casstet:

BucNup 09-22-2003 08:34 AM

Guys.... What happened?
I guess we\'ll never know what it feels like to be a head coach in the NFL, but I think
far too many times, coaches stick to their game plan too long when it\'s clear that teams
have prepared for what you like to do?

Its as if Haz? The OC? Or whoever calls the plays acted like it was the first time that
a team ever stacked the line?

Under that scenario, one would think with the talents of Donte, Horn and Pathon, and Brooks
you Wide Outs would of had a field day?

Causing the Titans to sellout to the passing game, hence opening it up for the run game???

Gosh, Madden 2004 makes it all seem so simple.


BillyCarpenter1 09-22-2003 08:37 AM

Guys.... What happened?
The only other thing I can add to that is there were a couple of turn overs that really hurt us. Joe Horn dropped a TD pass. Ambrose dropped a key interception.

We had our chances in this game but overall the play calling killed us. I guess if we had to lose, this was the way to do it. Hopefully, this will force McCarthy to open this offense up.


Don\'t get too exicted just yet. Most of this is correctable. Now, whether they do it or not remains to be seen. Our fans are disappointed right now and rightfully so, but I don\'t think anyone is ready to write them off.

BucNup 09-22-2003 08:41 AM

Guys.... What happened?
Im not excited... Excited about what? I honest have respect for your Saints, but when things go haywire as they did, it makes me wonder. That type of output from Duece is just not acceptable....

Something it seems YOU should be excited about?

BigBull45 09-22-2003 08:44 AM

Guys.... What happened?
11-5 or 1-15 our fans will be there to the very end.I also think it\'s time the fans be very vocal about it\'s dospleasure with this teams lack of focus.That includes the coaching staff!

BillyCarpenter1 09-22-2003 08:47 AM

Guys.... What happened?
I know Buc. You\'ve always been very respectable here. I\'m just messing around with ya. You are correct -- Deuce\'s output was not acceptable and falls squarely on the shoulders of the coaches. I\'ve taken up for the coaching but I\'m begining to wonder.

BucNup 09-22-2003 08:48 AM

Guys.... What happened?
As much as I feel your pride and sadness, I DO think it\'s still too soon to draw any conclusions....

But we as fans tend to be MORE up for games than our teams at times. Hang tight for now...

As for coaching:

Many of you have already voiced your displeasures over Haz. Time and time again, but it seems that he is chewing on the right ears, because he\'s still calling the shots?

All and all, come Wednesday you guys should be hyped and ready to talk about Indy...

Needless to say; you need to win that game.

BigBull45 09-22-2003 08:54 AM

Guys.... What happened?
Haslett needs to take a few lessons from Gruden on how to keep your teams attention!

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