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QBREES9 03-03-2010 11:35 PM

Top 5 NFL Free-Agent Signings of All-Time!
Top 5 NFL Free-Agent Signings of All-Time!

Proof that one man CAN make a difference!
MAR 03, 2010
With the start of the free-agency period almost upon us, let's take a look at some of the top signings of all time.

1993 Reggie White, Packers

The Skinny: The first free-agency period brought perhaps the best free-agency acquisition of all time in the form of Reggie White to the Packers. The deal was, at the time, the richest contract ever offered to a defensive lineman and Reggie proved more than worth it. This future Hall of Fame player accounted for 68 sacks in six years with the Pack.

The Green: Four Years, $17 Million

1995 Deion Sanders, Cowboys

The Skinny: A star in two sports, football and baseball, Deon shrugged off talk of his retirement with the signing of a huge deal with the Cowboys. Sanders went on to have five stand-out seasons with Dallas, including one that gained him an additional SuperBowl ring.

The Green: Seven Years, $25 Million

2001 Priest Holmes, Chiefs

The Skinny: Back-up to Jamal Lewis during their SuperBowl run in 2000, Holmes opted for free-agency after that season and wound up signing for cheap with the Kansas City Chiefs. For the first three seasons of the contract, the Priest was the best back in the NFL, averaging 1530 rushing yards, 659 receiving yards and 20 touchdowns a season.

The Green: Five Years, $8 Million

1999 Rich Gannon, Raiders

The Skinny: Replaced by Elvis Grbac in Kansas City and with a history of injuries, Gannon was quietly signed by Oakland. But though the signing was low key, the results weren't as Gannon went on to win two NFL MVP awards and led the Raiders to a SuperBowl appearance in 2003.

The Green: Four Years, $16 Million

2006 Drew Brees, Saints

The Skinny: Coming off a shoulder injury and already poised to be replaced by draftee Phillip Rivers, Brees was let go by the Chargers and left to the mercy of free agency. In need of a quarterback, the Saints picked him up and it's been a match made in heaven since. In his first season as a Saint, he led them to their first ever NFC Championship game and in 2009-2010, he led them to the franchise's first SuperBowl where he earned MVP honors in the victory.

The Green: Six Years, $60 Million

Choupique 03-04-2010 06:04 AM

Re: Top 5 NFL Free-Agent Signings of All-Time!
They admitted Brees should be #1 on that NFL Network show which featured the list.

The Talkin' Heads keep doing that... mentioning the Saints or a player...
and saying they should be da man... BUT, they place someone else on
that fake arse platform they call praise.

Disrespect painted nicely is still disrespect.

Brees is #1 on that list but that can't say it for some reason.

Who Dat knows better.

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