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Saint2 09-22-2003 10:42 AM

Who's fault?
For those (especially Buddy D.) that want to blame the O-line for the loss. I heard the samething last year. (How many rushing yards did Duece have last year?)Well first it was controversy in the locker room so they got rid of Roaf. Then there was the hot head Turley, so they got rid of him. Well guess what? The problems still there and it isn't the O'line. Did the O'line muff the punt after the safety that would have given the Saints the momentum. Drop a touchdown pass and an interseption? I think there are alot of problems with the Saints, because they look like the same Saints that ended last season and continued it in the preseason.

Also, Brooks holds the ball tooooooooo long. Like someone posted already the Titans had 8 in the box which tells me they don't think Brooks can beat them with the passing game. Guess what ? He didn't. ( Manning & the Colts did last week) :mad:

I hope for our sake (otherwise it's going to be a long season) their starting slow to finish strong. The only problem is the schedule doesn't get any easier, even the 0-3 teams can beat the Saints right now.

Also, Those that want to blame Haz. Why should he have to rant and rav for the team to get fired up? Aren't these grown men? After all this isn't the Pee Wee League. I was listening to it on the radio and I remember hearing , "The Saints including Haz coming out of the locker room all business" Sounds like Haz did his job in that respect.

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