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JOESAM2002 09-22-2003 04:09 PM

The Saints had little chance........
NAKIA HOGAN: Saints had little chance because ...
Nakia Hogan / The Times
Posted on September 22, 2003
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The New Orleans Saints didn't have a chance on Sunday.

Because from start to finish the Tennessee Titans dominated en route to a 27-12 victory.

Because, for some reason, the Saints' offense isn't the same high-octane unit that ran up the scoreboard a year ago at record pace.

Because before 68,809 fans, Deuce McAllister had trouble carrying the ball across the line of scrimmage.

Because McAllister deserved for his offensive line to open bigger holes.

Because Saints offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy's game plan lacked imagination, mirroring, at times, that of a little league coach.

Because defensive end Darren Howard is hurt and wasn't there to pressure Steve McNair.

Because cornerback Dale Carter is on the shelf as well.

Because cornerback Ashley Ambrose and a few of his secondary mates left fantasy football owners all across the country scrambling to sign or work a trade for Tennessee wide receiver Drew Bennett.

Because who outside of Tennessee natives could even name who the No. 2 Titans receiver was before this game.

Because the Saints have only played two good quarters out of 12 this season. And those came against the lowly Houston Texans.

Because the Titans ran 72 plays to the Saints' 41.

Because the Saints simply aren't as good as we wanted to believe.

Because the injury-plagued defense has more holes in it than a colander.

Because, after just three games, even some of the most die-hard Saints fans are ready to jump ship or, if not, suffer an excruciatingly painful death this season.

Because as Saints coach Jim Haslett said "We didn't expect (the defense) to be on the field for 38 minutes or whatever it was (39.11)."

And because as defensive end Charles Grant said: "The Lucky Charm man was on their shoulder today,"

But the Saints did have a slight chance.

Because every team needs a little optimism.

Because the Saints still claim they believe they are better than they've shown.

Because had Melvin Williams not botched the free kick in the first quarter, the Saints would have had an excellent chance to score points and change the momentum.

Because Ambrose had an opportunity to end a Titans scoring drive with an interception in the end zone.

Because Aaron Brooks had a passer rating of 104.4.

Because McNair said of his dislocated right ring finger "I needed people to squeeze my hand before the game to get my mind off of it."

Because fans need some reason for hope.

Because Joe Horn had a chance to score a long touchdown.

Because Jerome Pathon caught four passes for 89 yards and a touchdown.

None of this was enough, though. On this day, the Saints simply weren't as good as the Titans. And the scoreboard displayed likewise.

BigBull45 09-23-2003 06:26 AM

The Saints had little chance........
Coulda,Woulda,Shoulda don\'t mean s**t ! We stink,and we ought to be ashamed !

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