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saintz08 09-22-2003 11:37 PM


Panthers coaches pleased with new faces on offense


Everybody has been talking about the Panthers’ defense, and rightfully so. The “D� has allowed just four total touchdowns and has been stifling in stopping the run. But offensive coordinator Dan Henning also is pleased that his squad is running smoothly this season behind QB Jake Delhomme and RB Stephen Davis. “What we’re looking at is some guys who are bringing something more to the table than just their ability,� Henning told Pro Football Weekly. “(Delhomme, Davis and WR Ricky Proehl) have ‘zazz’ and experience. They have a lot of confidence. It makes a big difference. We really have more round pegs to put in round holes. Those acquisitions have really strengthened our offense.� Henning also credits the jobs OL coach Mike Maser and TE coach Dave Magazu have done to improve the blocking in the run game. “Those guys have worked hard to get us where we are, and it shows,� Henning said. “Everyone wants to turn to Stephen, but Stephen can’t do it alone.� Henning also is pleased that the team has an early bye this year because he believes the team needs some time to get over some injuries and the emotional strain of the news that LB Mark Fields and LB coach Sam Mills have cancer.

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When FB Bob Christian called it a career during the offseason, the position battle was turned over to veteran George Layne and rookie Justin Griffith. Griffith was seen as undersized for the position, and his blocking did not stack up to Layne’s, but head coach Dan Reeves decided to go with the kid, and he’s happy that he did. Griffith has improved his blocking and is becoming a viable option both running and receiving, something that has expanded Atlanta’s offense. “I’ve got a lot of versatility, and I’m learning the rest of what goes into being a fullback in the NFL,� Griffith told Pro Football Weekly. “I might not be the biggest guy, but I have a low pad level when I start running and I know how to get that tough one- or two-yard gain.� Griffith said that RB coach Ollie Wilson has been key in his development. “He really has helped me with my footwork,� Griffith said. “A lot of it with me is technique stuff, working on my footwork, and I feel that I’m making the strides I need to. Now I just have to get bigger, and I’ll be fine.�

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New Orleans

The defense is missing five starters and has a nasty habit of giving up the big play. The offense has been inconsistent and hasn’t been able to establish a downfield passing game. So why are the Saints smiling? We’re told the impact of the injuries to the five defensive starters — DE Darren Howard (knee), S Mel Mitchell (knee), DT Johnathan Sullivan (knee), LB Sedrick Hodge (leg) and CB Dale Carter (eye) — has been lessened a bit because the Saints feel their depth is more talented, top to bottom, than most teams in the league. On offense, if you want to believe the Saints’ coaching staff, QB Aaron Brooks & Co. have been working game plans to perfection and have limited their mistakes. New Orleans still is establishing the run with RB Deuce McAllister, and Brooks has looked good in stretches finding his receivers. But we’re also told that there are some serious concerns. The injuries are taking their toll on the depth because some of the backups are getting beaten up as well, and the offense has started to rely too much on McAllister early in the season. In other words, the Saints might not have much gas left in the tank for a run at the playoffs if they keep up this pace during the first half of the season.

BigBull45 09-23-2003 06:13 AM

This coaching staff has made it their agenda to keep everything from the press and public.They cover up everything with optimistic excuses because they\'re afraid the paying public is gonna get real nasty real soon.Haslett has probably already put a contingency plan in place for the end of the season in case him and his family have to move on.I bet he\'s ready to pull his hair out,and it\'s only week three.This organization has made him the man when it comes to the final word on talent.That should be the GM\'s job.Mr. Benson couldn\'t find a GM who was a good talent evaluator and would kiss his butt at the same time.Usually a GM has had some experience in scouting and or NFL playing experience.Haslett likes big, strong,fast guys.That doesn\'t always equal a talented player.That would be a guy with all the tools,but does he have the mentality to play the game?The Saints need to retool their organization from a football standpoint,and get rid of this efficient spending bunch.You can be efficient and still know about talent.Randy Mueller was proof of that.

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