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Sharper "Not feeling the love" from Saints

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Harper is not good in coverage. The Saints need Sharper. If more cash than what the Saints are offering is what's important to Sharper, I wish him well....

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Re: Sharper "Not feeling the love" from Saints

Harper is not good in coverage. The Saints need Sharper. If more cash than what the Saints are offering is what's important to Sharper, I wish him well.
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Re: Sharper "Not feeling the love" from Saints

Yeah, definitely time for something to happen either way..
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Re: Sharper "Not feeling the love" from Saints

Originally Posted by Sir Psycho Sexy View Post
Sharper needs to remember he's a one (but good) trick pony that fits into certain schemes. He's had a great career but he's at the end of it. As far as not showing the love. We signed him when no one else would and he got a Ring out if it.
Totally agree, sharper achieved the very thing he was chasin for 13 years, the superbowl championship. He fits the system, but sharpers gotta realize what sort of opportunity this is
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Re: Sharper "Not feeling the love" from Saints

hes good to have back there for his leadership and veteran savvy but he is not a 6million dollar man... if he can get that from some bottom dweller trying to climb back into the world of relevance good for him. If he wants a legitimate shot at another ring he needs to accept his role on this team for a reasonable fee maybe 5mil for 2 years and help develop players like jenkins and young
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Re: Sharper "Not feeling the love" from Saints

MOney screws it all up. WHy don't people have loyalty anymore??

We were one of few teams willing to give hm a shot. He finally got is SB ring & now he whines like a little bee-atch??
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Re: Sharper "Not feeling the love" from Saints

hate to say it but im starting to turn on him. all he has done this offseason is *****. he's the only member on this team that has complained like this since the payton era. let him walk and lets get OJ Atogwe. i cant stand cry babies.
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Re: Sharper "Not feeling the love" from Saints

yea it's getting annoying...he needs to chill out and just wait. i like the guy, but damn, STFU, do you want to go to the browns?!
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Re: Sharper "Not feeling the love" from Saints

LOL, as punishment for crying like a school girl, we should send him to Oakland! Just being stupid!
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Re: Sharper "Not feeling the love" from Saints

Hey, what is good for Fujita is good for Sharper and anybody else.
Really where are these posts coming from. This is not getting old.
Sharper would be stupid not to go for the biggest payday he can at this point in his career.
Yeah, it is sad to see the Saints SB team leaving, but that is how it goes.
I don't like contracts being talked about by players and their agents in the press. Do it behind the scenes. Make the decision.

Positive side instead of me posting on and on how the Saints SB players , FA, seasoned vets,etc. are going for the biggest pay, who knows what team will get in the draft. I amgoing to look at it that way.
TheSaints might pick up some really good players without the hype. Some teams could get some draftees with all the hype and no game.

Is the coach and staff more impt. or is the team more impt?
Payton and staff are a good coaching staff. The players they had, have been good, fair, really good, but the coaches worked it.Old debate of which is more impt? Coaches or players.
I think both are, but I really like how Payton and staff molded the 2009 team. I think Payton and staff are a high calibur coaching team to be under and that can get a lot of good-to- diamonds in the rough,wanting to come to the Saints.
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Re: Sharper "Not feeling the love" from Saints

Oh...I so hate it when people give others advice that they themselves would not heed.

The 2nd ring is nowhere in site or on the radar screen compared to the first...and IMO...even the 1st doesn't trump a giant payday. In other words...a ring is nice but you'd be in trouble if you tried to eat it.

I know that there is nobody here that would turn down 5 mil/year at any place on the planet to play for 3 in NO.

Some people are just talking through their heart and not letting their brain intervene, IMO.

Whether you think you can or think you can't...you're right!
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